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During the last months I worked on character portraits for a game called "Das Letzte Mahl" ("The Last Banquette") published by german boardgame developer "Gameheads" [link] .
I can finally show some of the characters I made, starting with an old aristocrat carrying the title "Fürst". I have no idea what the equivalent of a Fürst is in english. I think it is something beetween a duke and an earl/count, so I go with simply lord as title.
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Remind me of Henry of Navarre for some reason.

Awesome picture BTW, 
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Fürst is equivalent to Prince as well. Not a Prince in the royal context (son of a monarch) but a noble Prince. For example, Prince of Liechtenstein or Prince of Schwarzenberg. Hope that helps.
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Dein Stil gefällt mir! Das Spiel heißt im Deutschen übrigens "Das letzte Bankett".
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Der Titel stand im April noch nicht ganz fest.
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I love his expression and pose.
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klasse... die farben sind sehr schön geworden und die verzierungen auf seiner rüstung. besonders aber gefällt mir seine frisur und der bart :D hmm... gab es damals wirklich rüstungen die eine so starke wölbung für den bierbauch gehabt haben? kenn mich da nicht so aus- es fällt mir nur irgendwie auf. ö.ö
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Danke Dir.
Als Fürst hat man natürlich eine spezialangefertigte Rüstung. ;)
Also am Bauch spitz zulaufen taten die Harnische im 16ten Jahrhundert, der Mode entsprechend, schon. Meine Darstellung ist vielleicht etwas voluminös geraten. :)
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Great colors!
I realy liked this.

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I like this a lot. Reminds me of Jane and the Dragon. I love that show.
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Translation of German "Fürst" to English is "Prince". Normally in Germanic Languages "Prince" is translated into something that litteraly means "kings son" but in English it means anything from Kings son to Ruler of a smaller country (Ruler with a capital R).

So if you would have a country with no supreme king, but no-one above the ruler then a fairly good chance is that he would be called "Prince".

Originally from Principe, as in "Il Principe" by Niccolo Machiavelli.

Great work btw, both this and the other one!
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Ah. Thanks a lot for the explanation.
I really had problems to find an appropriate title, but I guess I´ll leave him now as a simple lord.
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np, I think "Lord" is a good name for it :)
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This is divine, I love his expression. The sash is so vibrant and really stands out. It's just really beautiful.
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beautifully done! :thumbsup:
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looks like awwwwsome ;-)
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great pose and awesome coloring!
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Reminds me of art I saw in the 70's for a series of novels by Roger Zelazney entitled the AMBER series. The principal characters all had portraits of themselves painted by a mad relative called Dworkin, on Tarot-like cards, called "trumps". The cards had various magical qualities which allowed the holder to warp the fabric of reality.

Nice job. Good detail, good balance. Good characterization. His demeanor and stance give the impression of nobility. Strong composition. The far background, showing the castle, is nicely done.

Cool piece, Scebiqu.
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Thank you Darkmir.
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