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Like Moth to a Flame

Fascination with the rather obscure Golden Girl toyline that, as I learned, even preceded She-Ra by a little, hasn’t left me and led to the creation of a second piece of fan art.
I’m slowly working through the illustrious and aply named cast of characters and chose Rubee (Fiery Champion of the Lightning Bow) as the main protagonist here. She is assailed by Moth Lady (The Winged Wicked Witch of the Night), Wild One (Fierce Barbarian Huntress) and Centaura (a character which was supposed to be released in the never realized second wave of figures).
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Just three / four years ago I too was making lot of art on this long-decades lost cool toyline...!!! And this evening I saw that here, your great great job of Golden Girl.

I'm still triyng to keep this fantasy world alive, in modern days. I'm totally convinced Galoob had a very nice idea but... time is cruel, that wasn't the best period to make young girls and boys see some blood and darkner atmosphere for a toyline. So sad.

Anyway I'm just trying to tell you.. I'm proud of your work, I never expected to see some art of Golden Girl world so cool around anymore. I like Sapphire over all the characters but I made some draw of the golden one here on Deviantart ;)

My hope is to recreate a comic following the original idea, even if this will be only for myself.

So.... my pleasure to see your work! Maybe one of Sapphire, the warrior of sea and sky, soon or later :)

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Wow, you really brought these toys to life! :O Your art is so amazing!
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An amazing creation. Love the dynamic feel of motion, and the way you brought these characters to life. Soooooo cool. 
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Thank You very much!
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Absolutely fabulous art!  Lol, puts my dollmaker representation to shame!
  Golden Girl and the Guardians of the Gemstones by IrishSkye

This is going to get a save from me in my Childhood Heroes folder. Squee!! 

I freaking LOVED this toyline. They looked sooooo much more fierce than the She-Ra figures that came out after the fact, and I wish like hell that this line had gotten its planned cartoon (THE marketing tool for toys on the 80's) and all the figures that were supposed to be released.

The characters stayed with me for over 3 decades now, always somewhere in the back of my head, because the description cards on the back of the boxes were never more than 2 or 3 sentences and rather vague as to who these ladies were and what they did.  I never saw the books in my toy market, nor board game.  They were just there in the store in 1985, and gone by '86.  I had to figure out for myself who they were.

Eventually, I began using the characters in my Star Wars imaginings.  At some point in the 80s, the Marvel Star Wars comic books did a story with people who looked a lot like barbarians, rather Conan-esque, (though now I realize that it was supposed to be more "John Carter of Mars," something I had never heard of back then) and since it was a story centered on Leia, I paid close attention to it.  It got me thinking that Argonia could be a planet peopled by a race of humans who had technology at their fingertips, yet still dressed and even battled more like "barbarians", and so I developed a whole story about where Argonia was, what its value was in the galaxy, how its leadership was structured, etc.  It does mean that Dragon Queen, Moth Lady, Vultura, and Wild One were basically dropped from existence, but having never had the figures except Dragon Queen, I had no emotional attachment to them to keep them around, lol.

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Thanks Again! :)
Yes a cartoon would indeed have been great!
Recently saw a Golden Gild Cartoon Snippet on Instagram that was produced in the 80ies as a prieview I think. Looked rad!
Shame it never was produced...
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Awesome battle scene
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         [Happy] Mochi Tokyo MiniPixel 
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Oh my gosh, I used to have the book of this when I was so little :)
This is simply fantastic to see ^^
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Thanks a lot! Thats great, do you remember which book you had? There were the Find Your Fate books, coloring books and a storybook I think.
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It's called Golden Girl and the Guardians of the Gemstone (oh my gosh still have it!!! Could never get rid because of its amazing artwork to this day)
It was published in 1985, I recall buying it at a Scouts fair when I was a kid :P 
It's the story book of how she find the gemstone, how she got her unicorn Olympia and defeating Orga the barbarian.
I was so fascinated with it because it was more adult as blood was shown on wounds etc; still love it :heart:  
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Envy!! I´d love to have that book, too! Such cool artwork! :D
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It's amazing and so glad I kept it. Bit worn out now with me as old sellotape is still keeping it all together XD
Think you can purchase it on amazon but its worth more a penny now then when I bought it haha
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so fantastic!!!! love this art, and love this line!!!
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Another Golden Girl fanart, yey ^.^
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Thanks, hopefully not the last. :)
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