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Babylonian Mythology in Black and Yellow.
I always loved that color combination.
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A wonderful interpretation of the mighty goddess of Sex and War. Funny how she was a goddess of that which brings life and that which takes it away.
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My favorite goddess!! I love the colors
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Really love her!
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Very beautiful depiction of Ishtar Scebiqu. She's one of my favorite goddesses. 
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DAMN, just look at those curves! 

On the khopesh, I mean... Wink/Razz 
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Simply sensual! In my faith, we regard Ishtar and Ereshkigal as one and the same goddess, but with two aspects one dark and the other light. From that perspective, I like the way you made Ishtar and Ereshkigal have a similar but different look to them. Your inclusion of the eight-pointed star shows a good understanding of proper goddess symbolism. I did my own drawings of these two goddesses, so I am quite fond of various depictions of them that are done well, and yours are most certainly magnificent. This one I must fave too. :D
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I love they way her toes are pointed :)
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I do agree, black and gold is a great color scheme. Did they use khopeshes in Babylon though?
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Awesome art, love it! Her face reminds me of Mila Kunis. :)
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Seriously? Come on, its like I ordered awesome and you served it up.
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So cool! Love her weapons!! :)
AtomicAgeEthan's avatar
Color work!!! SOOOOO GOOOOD!!!!!!
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Awesome piece! I've always loved the way golden yellow and royal blue play with each other. Kudos!
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That colour combination looks great in my opinion too. I like the composition and design (clothes, blade, crown). Awesome!
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Thanks a lot!
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The curvature of the weapon looks great beside the curve of the moon.
Another magnificent pose choice that has great movement.
Her calf ribbon is a great addition, and the yellow really pops out against the night sky and ebony lion.
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This is gorgeous. I love the layout and all of the detail and colors~
It's just perfect :)
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It's a colour combination that isn't used enough nowadays.
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