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Golden Girl

Hi guys, it´s been a while I uploaded something here. Time to change that.
I don´t manage to do lots of private drawings next to my freelance work, but once in a while I feel inspired and can muster the energy to put a lot of work into a pivate painting.
In this case I visited the Grayskull Convention (a small but dedicated annual german He-man and the Masters of the Universe Convention) were I saw a complete set of 'Golden Girl' Figures in the Exhibition.
Who´s Golden Girl you might ask? 'Golden Girl and the Guardians of the Gemstones' was a toyline produced by Galoob between 1984 and '85 in the wake of He-man and especially She-ra of course. But instead of being a plain Knockoff it took a much more barbaric approach to the 'magical girl genre', moe like a cross between She-ra and Red Sonya.
To give it a more serious tone while still be glamorous of course, I chose to depict Golden Girl in a dire situation here, being overpowered by the Dragon Queen after defeating a bunch of her minions. But as the Toyline also was about the Guardians of the gemstones, rescue is on the way in the Form of 'Onyx - challenger of the sabered sword'
Anyhow, hope you like it or maybe there's actually someone who remembers or had some Golden Girl Action Figures.

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I remember these ! That brought back memories I had all the figures

I have just realised that Onyx's top is reminiscent to the one worn by Pam Grier in the movie "The Arena". Do you think this was an inspiration for the toy designer?

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Impressive work.
Not a franchise I was familiar with before now, but I love the villainess's design.
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Holy heck, I never thought I'd find fanart for this random, obscure toy line.
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This is absolutely stunning! I collected Golden Girl dolls when I was a kid (Onyx was my first doll from the line lol) and it's truly awesome to see such an obscure group of characters given some real love in such a phenomenal way!! Please keep up the gorgeous work!!

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Thanks a lot! So cool to see that there are still some Golden Girl fans around. And Onyx really seems to be a favorite character among fans! :)
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YAY! ONYX!!!!  She was the first character I bought in this toy line.  There was something so damn fierce about her look, especially the way her pink and white makeup stood out against her skin, and I thought she had the best armor in the exposed midriff like GG, Rubee, and Saphire, lol. Made a LOT more sense. :) 
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Thanks so much! Onyx is really an awesome character! Her armour had these strange rectangular windows though, exposing the midriff a bit. I left these off and put some gems there instead. :)
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Oh wow, this is just amazing :)
Just seeing this girls other then from the book is such an eye opener and feel really nostalgic about it :P
Amazing artwork :) 
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Thank You! C:
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Fav fella (Badge) 
Blondes vs Brunettes, Do They REALLY Have More FUN (?)  Beautiful Work ! ! !
This is a great tribute to this toyline, wonderful work !!
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Thanks a lot!
         [Happy] Mochi Tokyo MiniPixel 
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Amazing drawing!! I hope someone in Galoob company sees your art and praise you one day :D

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Unfortunately Galoob doesn´t exist anymore. I wonder who holds the rights to this toyline?
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Wow! Love this piece. I don't remember the Golden Girl toy line at all. Which is a shame because this looks amazing. Wonderful work with the setting, and adapting the outfits and poses. Those expressions are great too. Always great to see your work. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
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Thanks very much!
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Wow, awesome. Plz more of the Golden Girl franchise. Or other MotU knock-offs :)
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Thanks! There`s one more Golden Girl art now. :)
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I had those toys when I was little... loved them, they were like She-Ra but had way more fashion options and some cooler details like the whole gemstone theme and some crazy barbarian warpaint on some of them. They totally don't get as much love in peoples' memories as She-Ra and to me I don't really see either as being better than the other, just different is all. She-Ra had more characters, much like He-Man, and Golden Girl had more fashions for customizing the looks of the figures with different themes and such. Fantastic to see art from this! A must-fave for me, for sure. :)
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