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Evil Warrior Goddess

Finally managed to paint Teelas evil counterpart Evil-Lyn.
I especially tried to practice lighting on this one.

Hope You like.

Evil-Lyn is (c) by mattel
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Rarely in fiction is shown what kind of trials and tests bad guys (villains) go through to become what they are. Good guys have wise teachers who at worst are harsh and secretive, but still teach. Bad guys must slave under brutal terror of vastly more powerful bully and maybe gather some scraps of knowledge from their relentless thuggery towards them, yet they persevere as well. Even when bad guy really teaches somebody they always withhold important things.

Evil-Lyn was canditate for Sorceress, but for some reason or another she failed that purpose. Maybe she abandoned her children during her search. Maybe she is barren and despite constant attempts never had a child of her own. Heart filled with bitterness and jealousy she sought dark magic and has proven very adept.

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Excellent job with Evil-Lyn!
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Ich mag, es ist sehr gut, schöne dame!
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Just stumbled across this image. Wow, amazing. :la:
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Oh my cat!! I love this!!
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Her evil gaze...Amazing! :love:
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О, эта мрачность ей очень идёт!)
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Could it be the Mona Lisa of the Masters of the Universe?
I like...a lot!
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wwo this is an amazing illustration, i like what you did with the lights and shadows of this one.
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SAAWWEETT!! You nailed the facial expression & the colors. I wanna blow it up and put it on my wall.
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I adore the shadows!
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Amazing job with the colors^^
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omg! das teil da auf den kopf sieht echt genial und realistisch aus! *staun*
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This is fantastic work!!
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I basically love :heart: all the aspects done in this work for Mrs. Evylin! :nod: and also I rather find more than appealing the purple mood that gets her old design and new one as well, in a harmonic marriage of style! great work buddy! :highfive: :+favlove:
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