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Death Company

By Scebiqu
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Again some game related fan-art. This time from Games Workshop´s Warhammer 40k universe. Blood Angel Space Marines battling it out with some swarming Tyranids.
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Very well done! I love how to arranged the battle scene. its on point!
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This reminds me of bad company by bad company, from their album bad company.
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For Sanguinius! Kill them all!

Amazing fight moment, congratulations!
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Sacer nepotibus cruor
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Looks fantastic. Death Company can achieve near-miraculous things, so I see no reason why they cannot defeat this horde. And then there is the problem of what to do with them next...
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Awesome work here
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 Very cool... however those Marines, badA or not, are gonna get swarmed and chopped into little bits in mere moments.
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Wasn´t that always what´s exepected of the Death company? ( :
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Cutting through xenos like a knife through butter. Thats how the death company roles! :D
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i feel so sorry for those tyranids :(

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Poor things, but I think they aren´t an endangered species, yet.
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now if we had ALL marine chapters as death companies...
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great 40k stuff
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Amazing work! Love the use of colours, and impressionism as the background objects fade! Fave well earned!
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really good! i just got a death company squad for x-mas.
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Sorry guys but even that +3 save isn't gonna be helpful against a couple hundred dice.
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that armor save aint gonna work, marines...
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I've played this exact situation out many times. I used to play Tyranids and my brother played Blood Angels.
Damn that Death Company. They don't go stay down. Hehe

Also, I think you've designed this picture in a very "Codex cover" way. I dig the similarity. :)
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:D Those tough bastards. Thanks for reminding me.
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Your work is so precise! I love the highlights on the Death Company armour. How long did this take for you to do exactly?
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I don´t know exactly, maybe 10 hours? I wasn´t very fast when I did this and I experimented a bit with photoshop.
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