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I found time to do another mythology piece.
Athena - The goddess of wisdom, war and other stuff.
Hope you like. :)

Photoshop over traditional pencil
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This is really cool. nice job!
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Hail to Athena my Patron Goddess!!! ;) :heart:
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An owl for wisdom AND the dogs of war by her side, of course. :)
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Colour seems a bit too agressive for the godess of wisdom and calculating though (among other things).

Never said it is bad though.
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Incarnation of wisdom and beauty, just like her mother Metis:) (Smile) 
burNiNgFro's avatar
do Ororo munroe!!
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my favorite Greek Goddess! JUST AWESOME
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This piece is... amazing.
My husband is an Athenian Wiccan, his soul animal are wolves and he loves owls for their wisdom (and adorableness.)
I'm looking to get him something for his birthday and I came across this... It is absolutely perfect. If I were able to get this as a print... I would be so grateful.

Thanks for taking the time to hear me out, have a great day!
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And honestly, I have never seen a piece of art more appropriate for him. This is so much that he loves turned into one absolutely BEAUTIFUL piece.
arge-vega's avatar
I just do not have any words that can express how much I like this.

wolves are an epic touch...
whatisinaname777's avatar
she kind of reminds me of the scarlet witch from marvel comic, that being said.......... AMAZING!!!!!!
JourneyLust's avatar
Wow this is great:D
mythgirl411's avatar
This really shows how Athena is different then the other gods.
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Athena has always been my favorite Greek Goddess and have always felt she has never been done any kind of justice.... Until now. I love it.
ArsinoeArgento's avatar
Yes... Just yes... <3
Sonakshiwolf14's avatar

This is AMAZING my name is Athena and wolves are my symbols along with the owl! *squee!!!* this is wonderful!!! I LOVE THIS!!!
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