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Atadis - Moritat Character no. 4!
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red--fox's avatar
Great artwork,  it would be awesome to sea a process! 
Kleshin's avatar
The hello kitty badge is surprisingly fitting!
tesserewhon's avatar
It's fascinating how much the figure changes from sketch to colored drawing. The finished product is absolutely gorgeous, but it's really cool seeing the process. :D
KitSiren's avatar
Awesome character design! Love a funky hairdo! She looks ready to kick some butt and cuddle a teddy later.
Elinewton's avatar
Another good one here!! ^^
I like this style!!
HraSusi's avatar
There's great feel in this.
RileeDavenport's avatar
Your work is incredible!
RolandBoyce's avatar
Would love to see this in full color sometime if you have the time ,beautiful work !
ironmeli's avatar
this is so oldstyle french comcibook drawing...LOVE IT!
LevelZeroDesigns's avatar
this is really awesome! i totally love the style, the shirt and the hair are beatifull!
Mr-ShineSpark's avatar
Very nice! I think I am going to take up a collection
the-secret-monkey's avatar
Wait, so this is them when they're older? Then why is the first guy the only old-man-ey one?
Scebiqu's avatar
Hehe, The first guy (Kalle) was always old, I just didnt manage to make him even older in the group portrait. :)
the-secret-monkey's avatar
Ahhhhh...I see. Ha. Wow.

...I can't wait for the others, then~!
Facist101's avatar
Some really strong line quality. Not to mention overall quality!
Bernard-Rieux's avatar
Eine Golftasche als Gewehrhalter … zauberhaftes Understatement!
Scebiqu's avatar
Das war eigentlich gar nicht so geplant, hat sich aus kompositorischen Gründen aber irgendwie so ergeben. :)
Bernard-Rieux's avatar
"Schatz, gibst Du mir bitte das 9er Eisen?" … *kicher*
Ferzog's avatar
wow I like the sketch , the motion , like she is walking , her hips are mmm yummy
ojamstar's avatar
SAG-D's avatar
Awesome!! I really like the design :)
gordeenhooow's avatar
Pretty work, man! Congrats!
Ksayarshan's avatar
really beautiful
NICELabs's avatar
Lovely and cool :) Reminds me of a favorite character I made for a Traveller game :)
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