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Clop... Clop... Clop...

Down the stairwell she went, dressed as elegantly as a woman of the Crofton lineage should be. Her silky blue-grey hair was strung up into a messy bun that gave her an aloof, high-class look that was only complete with the warm grey dress she wore. Her golden eyes scanned the halls she was about to enter. She sensed something...

More of, she sensed someone...

Her head turned, tracing the rough, outdoorsy scent that hid behind one of the pillars. A small smile spread across her face as she turned to the pillar that seemed to be the source of the scent. Her heels clunked against the marble floors as she made her way to it. He was holding his breath, she could tell. She delicately placed a hand on his head, as she simply couldn't resist those rose red locks that rested on his head. His hair was absolutely unfit for him.

"Why must you always do such strange things, Annette?" The man said as he shooed her hand away and turned to her.

Annette placed her hands on his shoulders as she walked towards him. He immediately wrapped his arms around her waist as he pulled her towards him. He took a deep breath, inhaling her sweet scent before he rested his chin atop her head.

"For all the strange things I do, I seem like a socialite when compared to you."

"Yes, but you are the one who loves me. Does that not make you the strangest?" He teased as his arms tightened around her waist.

Annette held him close. His scent filled her nostrils. This is what she had wanted. She could stay like this forver... She wanted to! But this wasn't real.

A buzzer went off in her room. She was not with him. She would never be with him if her family had anything to do with it.
Just a sneak peak at a new character!!!
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