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28 years to the day after its theatrical release, and after several weeks of work, the cover to my private DVD release of Animalympics is done! YAY!!!!!
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I can't wait April 3 for North America's release on DVD
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I want that! XD I miss that movie. :D
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i find it funny how you've put the BBFC U rating on the back, despite it being an NTSC DVD.

If this existed, a lot of British costumers would flip.
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It's been....a depressing number of years since I made this...I think I thew it on there to fill the blank space, and it was on a cover I had found for the vhs tape. :)
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sweet dvd cover that you made :D
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And what was the video source of it?
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Comcast On Demand.
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So...Disney made this? I didn't know that.
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No, but a lot of folks who would also do Disney stuff did.
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one of my fav movies of all time ... why in the world didnt they make it in English on DVD?! (its so not right)
Beautiful work :love:
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Would 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment accept this DVD cover?
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Holy crap! I thought i was the only one who remember this movie!
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Oh Wow! now that is cool! Love the paw prints
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Here's a thought
WB is currently doing the MOD service called Warner Archive Collection
If you have a Facebook account, go to their page and flood the wall with demands for a remastered DVD release of "Animalympics"
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Except Warner Brothers doesn't own Animalympics to my knowledge :)
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Though I did include a WB icon, didn't I. So maybe I can't remember anymore ?:)
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That's quite true. I think the rights to the film were split between several companies though over time. Someone I know somehow believes the home video licensing rights to the film may belong with "RHI Entertainment". This is as best as I can pull up on that...

I will say your cover is slightly better than what the Germans got for their DVD release (though extras aside, it was at least a decent release for what they'd got).
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