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Tfw you get attacked by molerats

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..but your brother has the animal friend perk. wow ok. just take a bite out of me then.

An attack I made for GalooGameLady on Artfight!

Since I'm proud of it, I decided to upload it here~ <3
I love fallout so much!! I'm glad I finally found the motivation to draw some weirdness of the wastes haha
Check out Galoo's comic btw if you like fallout, its really good so far :0
Thanks again for fighting me! Good luck on Artfight this year.

I'm participating in Artfight 2020; if you want to fight me, I'm team Spice, find me here!
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Thank you again for this! Still love the situation you put them in. Love how dumbfounded Buttons is at Alexis' approach lol

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Ahh and thank you for returning fire!! I really enjoyed making this, bc fallout fanart makes me happy haha~

It was originally just gonna be Alexis, but I couldn't help adding Buttons when I remembered how different their approach to these weird animals are X'D