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The Potionsmaster and the Doe

Another new template I made, featuring the most well known potionmaster of our times! A tribute to his magic, his spell, his love. A man of tragic, loyalty, pain and pride...!

Available here:…
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Thank you very much. I see a mistake in one corner and will fix it as soon as possible...!

So glad you like! Means a much to me!!

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I didn't notice anything :)
Plus, it doesn't have to be perfect:)

The Potions Master wasn't, which is why we :heart: him :)
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Haha! - Thats so right. No, perfect he wasn't really! Alas, - who is??

Yesterday I fixed the corner that were left to see. Such things are not to cover with the term of "art". It just sloppy. So I had to fix it. I don't want anyone to wear my designs and being forced to look sloppy by that way...
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True, you don't want it to look sloppy.

Unless you're doing graffiti art or something:?
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Which I don't.

Never did and never will do. Not my habit. Graffiti. I perfer to let these art to be other mans business... - You?
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Yeah, I have no interest in it either :\

Well this is beautiful anyway :)
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