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It was a request by a customer of mine on redbubble to do something mesmerizing with the beloved late Alan Rickman.

So, - here ist is!

Hope you like...?…
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It's absolutely stunning! I adore it!!!!
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Oh, darling, - thank you! 
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Did you know that someone actually wrote a definitive book about Snapeople as a character? They literally have a chapter called 'Severs Snape and the Sorcerer's Stone.'

I got a free sample on my kindle, and so far it's fascinating. I'm debating getting a hard copy at Christmas.
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Hauting me a little. What the heck are Snapeople? People LIKE him. Or people who LIKE HIM as a character, who're fascinating about the different things about him? - Does not everyone who#re readings the books or seeing the films - an very own Severus Snape to love (or to hate, there are view enough)? An own impression to deal with? So how can one have a key to a general opinion people may have towards Severus Snape? I wonder?
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It was sort of like analysing the way he speaks and the symbolism behind it.

It's more along the lines of me wanting to have a book with Snape as the title :XD:

It did, however, make me wonder more about a story I stopped writing probably a decade ago.

I get defensive every time people insinuate what TOBIAS Snape is like.

We see neither of his parents in his memories; we only hear them. Plus, Snape never actually mentions what they are fighting about...
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Welll, we see Snape mother once when she waited with young Snape at the platform. Where she looks tired and weary. Hence we know that Severus got her nose... 

Once again, I am over it. Everyone "sees" the own "film" when reading the books, everyone has its own influences in life that influences the opinions about Snape and his background, motive etc. As much as they toleratte mine, I tolerate theirs. 

I wonder about people even writing books to missioning people who have others views about. Really, I do frustrated 
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I realized the man I originally used as a base for Tobias is actually 8 years younger than Alan was...
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Alas! - Yes, that doesn't working for me, either... But, hey, Alan has pinned the whole character of Snape more and better than any other could. So the debate about the "too old" matter of Rickmans appearances isn't mine at all.. 
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