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~Leave Me Alone~ The Potionmaster


A re-edit of an older manip I'd made some years ago. I added the wand now. It's suits him well, greatest wizard that he was becomming... 

"The world most famous potionmaster of all time, headmaster, double-agent, misunderstood, who faced pain and pride, loyalty as his fate.

He need some time alone… for sure."

Available via redbubble…

and teepublic

#harrypotter  #potionsmaster #potionmaster #severussnape 

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Featured it on my home page ;)
Scatharis's avatar
Awwww, - thank you dear!!! 
crystal-of-ix's avatar
My pleasure!

I don't have any Snape in that widget, so poor Sev is stuck with two Darkwing Ducks for 2018 :giggle:
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Gryffgirl's avatar
Alone again--as he deserves! :sing:
Scatharis's avatar
Because he does!!! 
crystal-of-ix's avatar
He certainly looks awesome with the wand :)

Lovely manip :)
Scatharis's avatar
Thank you, dear!

Yes, the old one had the raven onto a stone in the wall. And now wand in the hand... Crazy me! Severus without a wand. By Merlins beard!!!
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No foolish wand-waving for our Sev!

Though of course he can wave a wand with the best, when he wants to.
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A little slightly titting, - and things are settled...
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Titting? Is that a typo, or is it a new slang term I'm not aware of? Honest question, not sarcasm. I can't figure out what you mean.
Scatharis's avatar
Sorry, I meant "tickling"... Shocked 
janach's avatar
Typos and auto-correct-- We all suffer from them. ;)
crystal-of-ix's avatar
I think he's strong enough that he doesn't even need a wand ;)
Scatharis's avatar
Well, perchance he will...

But as we know that a wand has his own will, I guess it suits him more have this little helper on his side almost every time.. :-) 
crystal-of-ix's avatar
I guess it's sort of like a Jedi thing :giggle:

I really enjoyed a novel called Wizard's Hall (essentially Harry Potter in 150 pages), which came out even before HP.

The villain looked basically the same as Voldemort, and the head of the school resembled a lion...

I liked that there were no wands, some spells were quite literal, and everyone knew about magic.

The main character's parents were literally like:

"You need to learn a trade, but you don't really have any talents. Go be a wizard."

I love how nonchalant they are :giggle:

I actually read HP and Wizard's Hall at the same time, and liked Wizard's Hall better.

Heck, I honestly read the HP series through because of Snape ^^;
Scatharis's avatar
Wizards Hall, hu?

Sound interesting, indeed. Must have make an achievement about if there is a german translating...!
crystal-of-ix's avatar
It's not a very complicated and there literally aren't any spells that you couldn't translate out of an English to German dictionary :giggle:

It isn't nearly as complicated as HP; I just happened to read it in the same year. I like how condensed it is, and the similarities are just wizard stereotypes.

I just like the thought of parents thinking: "You are pretty much useless. Go be a wizard."

That frame of mind is just so opposite of how special being a wizard is in JKR's books.
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