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Faringa - my novel gets published!

Well, nine years ago it started right here, on deviantart as a all over simple fairytale. At least it should have become a "simple" fairytale, a simple story, boy gets the girl. - I turned out as the most compelling story I had to write in my life - so far. And ended up published at amazon kindle, same as in several other german selfpublishing plattforms. As ebook, same as a pocket book. 

So I am a writer now.

Oh, - When I started writing it here, I posted it at my other late account "Thequiemus". Posting the chapters I always tried to create manips and upolad them, covering the content. - Some of them (six, to be honest) I was able to find again in some older drives, and were also able to get the okay by the stock members whose pics were used for creating the six ones. They are included at a second edit of the published story.

In the meantime I started another project, a Sience Fiction, pretty much post-apokalyptic, but mainly I will stay focused on the crew of the Spacecruiser, with it german captain, its swiss navigator, and austrian engineer. 

And I will adopt the method I did with Faringa. I will do some manips from time to, to covering the content. For me, for the story, for to get published with the book as well...? - Don't sure about that now. At the moment I am trying hard to find fitting models at the stock. Most they are too young, pity. 

However, I will upload those manips here, - if ever they will getting made. 
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Super envious, and congrats!
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Oh, I see now, you do most time fan fictions? - Well, of course, that is nothing to get published, taht right? - But why not to write own stuff? As I see there is enough talent and fantasy in you, to give it a try! 
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Mainly stuff which I think is fun as this is a hobby for me and to sharpen my writing skills as I feel the best way to do so is with other writers.   I do have some original work of my own, just not transferred yet to DA, but it is on Elliquiy.  Also thank you much for the compliments it does mean a lot coming from someone who has done what I have not and self published.
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I understand, you are a writer, as well, aren't you? - Did you ever start getting selfpublished? Honestly, it's no a hard thing to do, after all.. ! 
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Thank you very much! :icondragontailfast:
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Thank you, dear! - Thought I would never being able to finish it. In a sense Alan was the one who kept me believing to become a writer. So far "only" selfpublished, but alas. So far, one cannot ask for more! 
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