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Savage Skies-Pariah



Added 3/20/09

Finally, these are all done. XD

Here are all of the Pariah demons, once again without any of their armor or saddles.

Wraithslicers wings were a pain, Pytt's back should be a little more sloped, and Krushkor was a general pain because I couldn't get a good look at him in game.

And Portl made me giggle as I drew him because he's a flying pig. How can I not giggle!?

My favorite creature in the game is in this bunch. Let's see if you can guess who it is. ;)

I drew these all really close together, like a nit, so when it came time to add the Alternately colored critters, I had to smoosh them in. So it looks a little chaotic. Sorry about that. >_>;

Well, anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Savage Skies (c) BAM! Entertainment
Art (c) me
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My favorite Pariah and my favorite in the whole game is Wraithslicer. He's just so wicked with his skeletal body, fire power, and ability to live and fight without eyes. And I'm glad you made pictures of these creatures because not many people know about the game Savage Skies and it's really an interesting game if you give it a chance.