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HTTYD-Saber-Toothed Driver
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Published: October 18, 2012
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Added 10/17/12

Ok, this is the Saber-Toothed Driver Dragon from the HTTYD books. It looked like an interesting, solid sort of dragon, and I liked the look of the little sketch of it.

Very neat one, I think.

Saber-Toothed Driver Dragon (c) Cressida Cowell
Art (c) Me
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add a description to it about it likeas if it was being read from the book of dragons
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paconidasHobbyist Writer
I think I´, should start reading the books
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They're pretty good.  They start out sorta kiddy but get heavier as they go on.
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graceleap18Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hehe was messin round with the media XD
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graceleap18Hobbyist Traditional Artist
theres books of httyd!?I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted. La la la la La la la la La la la la :happybounce: Space Taxi dance Space Taxi dance Come quick Come quick La la la la La la la la La la la la 
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Yup, and they are pretty fun, actually!
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graceleap18Hobbyist Traditional Artist
omg thats awesome
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Hey is it possible if you would do a Sharkworm?… Thanks :)
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DragnBoi65Hobbyist General Artist
The whole thing is just awesome!
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Hi! You don't know me but I wanted to say this is such an AWESOME picture! Adding to favorites! I was wondering if you would mind very much if I referred a few people to your page for this picture. I was helping my friend write a fan fiction and one of the characters is a Saber Tooth Driver Dragon. I'll wait for you to say yes or no before I do. Thanks! And keep up the awesome work!
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Aww, well thank you very kindly! :D And I don't mind you showing other people at all!
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How is it that no one has seen my incarnation yet?
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I dunno, but whining about it here is pretty rude, you know?
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How was I whining in any way? I was more or less bewildered.
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Basically all you said on this artwork was "Why is no one looking at mine?!"
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I did not say what you just interpreted it as. But if you want me to elaborate, I will.

The difference between the dates of our images are 2 months(4 days if you exclude colors 3D), yet yours is the one getting views, when it should be at least equal.

In other words

It doesn't make sense.
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That makes absolutely no sense. Just because you upload something at the same time doesn't mean the same amount of people are going to see it.

Numbers wise? Not to be a prick, but you have no watchers yet. I have around 600. More people = more views.

Just be patient. The people searching for HTTYD stuff will eventually see it.
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I'll agree to that, however I will commend you for continuing this discussion. usually, most people block me after the first reply.
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leahloveslionkingStudent Traditional Artist
YAY! im not the only one who reads the HTTYD books!!
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Actually, I haven't read them yet. I can't seem to find them. :/

I just liked the descriptions of the dragons I found online, is all.
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DoctordidStudent Traditional Artist
wish you did more fan art of Rockor and he's awesome
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