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Added 11/17/07

Glaurung, the Father of the Dragons, from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion. Nasty thing, he is! ;P

His species of dragon is called the Uruloki, if you cared to know!

Glaurung (c) Tolkien
Art (c) me
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Love this! It reminds me of Tolkien's own visual style. Is that what you were going for?

BTW, I used it in a post on The Silmarillion here:…

Hope that's cool!
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That's what I was going for, yeah.  Tried to keep it sorta close while still keeping it close to how he drew them.

I don't mind because you credited me, so it's all good.  A lot of artists prefer if you ask first, though. :)
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The Deceiver. Pity he was slain.
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Lol, well he DID sorta have it coming.
Wonderful. I am amazed at the talent here. Glaurung was indeed the father of them all. His malice gave me the creeps. You did a wonderful drawing of him and thanks for the trivia. I didn't know. haha
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Well, thank you kindly, and you're welcome for the trivia, lol. :D
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I really like your style of dragons! You do an awesome job! Nice gallery too. :)
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Thank you very much! :D
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Much welcome! You deseve it after all. :)
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Well, THAT explains it. And I must repeat: great overall job, especially on those limbs.
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Thanks again! :D
(I also have an atlas of Middle's awesome.)
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Niiice-you've outdone yourself with the dorsal/shoulder/joint-spines, the talons & general build are equally wicked...and that angular, snaggletoothed, dark-eyed mug conveys Glaurung's pure malevolence exquisitely. That little running stance is quite dynamic as well.

And here I learn something new from you AGAIN...I really must dig up a Tolkien-related encyclopedia one of these days.
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Thanks! This is actually an older pic, when I was still trying to get Tolkien dragons down. :D

I guess I have an edge over you...I already HAVE a Tolkien encyclopedia......^^;
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Very awesome pic! ^.=.^
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wow, awesome! He looks fierce :D
Scatha-the-Worm's avatar
Thanks! He is pretty fierce, at least when he's older....:D
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Must show this to my Silmarillion lovin' friend XD once again the pose and everything is just great.
Scatha-the-Worm's avatar
Thank you! I hope your friend likes it! :D
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Nice! He's almost Chinese, I love it!
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Thanks! He was modeled after a pewter figure I saw of Glaurung once. It had the cool looking spikes on the shoulders, like this one. :D
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they are cool looking aren't they!
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