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Hey to all!

I have returned to making games for a while again. So it will probably be a pretty art-less period in the next couple of days. But on the other hand that means that i will probably have a game up on my website soon...

But oh! That has already happened! After 4 days of work (building on top of my java game engine), i have finished another game. It hidding in the banner at Http://www.Scarzzurs.dk, so click it and try to see how many and how long arms you can grow :-)

The game i'm working on will use the same physics that the banner game is using. Hopefully with a bit more gameplay and play area to it. I'm hoping it will turn out good, but i guess there is only one way to find out :-)

I don't recomend music often because my friends don't show much interest in the same kind of music as i do. (can't blame them, we are all different after all). But the song called "HJIH" by "Project Jenny, Project Jan" and it's music video is really a must, if you don't find the music good, you will probably still laugh at the music video :-)
It can be found at youtube or their website Http://www.projectjennyprojectjan.com.

I guess that's all for another non-exiting journal entry (noone ever said it would be fun eh?). Have fun until next time :-)

- Scarzzurs
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