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Right. So i thought it was about time i got myself a subscribtion.
Not so much because i'm using dA alot, and not because i'm dying without the extra features (where are they btw? :P).
But well, i'd like to give something back to dA, without it being clicking, wearing and looking at advertisement.
Yeah, that aaaaannnnnd getting rid of the advertisement and senseless limitations :P

Anyways, it's a small price really, and now it's paid, so i better start using it :-)
So any subscribers listening in with some good ideas for what to do with my new found (bought) super powers (subscriber only features)? :-)
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Your extra features would be being able to see 100 thumbs on the page when you browse if you want to, being able to put thumbnails in your journal (feature people), having polls, try editing your page, you should have a few more options now too.

Also you can now have journal CSS, lots of people make it, just follow the instructions they give.
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Ah, thanks for explaining and visiting :-)

Yeah, perhaps some css would do some good.
If it's standard CSS2 or something similiar, i should have no problems making it work.
I seem to have forgotten, does it affect the whole profile page, or just the journal?

The poll feature might also come in handy at some point :-)

- Scarzzurs
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I've seen pretty gallery photos but I don't know about profile pages...definately affects the journal

You can now post stamps btw, people get really addicted to stamps.
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Ah, right, i'll have to keep an eye out for other peoples profiles and pages in the future. :-)

About stamps: Yeah, I see what you mean. I already have one on my favorites list. :-)

- Scarzzurs