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Planet Pixel

By Scarzzurs
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So... a lot of people liked my Planet Earth drawing i did a long time ago. Back then people suggested that i drew it as an isometric pixel art piece, and i've always loved that kind of art.

The drawing has 24 colours, mostly due to the planets shades...

I'm not that happy with the result, even though i learned a couple of lessons while doing it. So if you know what i did wrong or should have done differently, please let me know :-)
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Using tooling effects rarely gives it the ' proper' look of genuine PixelArt. I am guessing you used the spray paint tool. This is not something used for PixelArt as the vast majority of pixels should be laid on an individual basis.

Your light source is not correct, it should be from one side and from above, not just from the top.

The heavy grey and white lines around the edge put the piece out of balance.

Computer generated type should never be used in PixelArt.

What you have made here is a digital drawing but not PixelArt. Here is a guide for PixelArt. [link]

I am moving your work to Digital Art > Drawings and hope what I have said will explain why it is being moved. :)
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Hey ShoneGold

I'm am not sure if i'm supposed or even allowed to reply to such a message as this, as i haven't experienced having my art moved before. But i am doing it now, so in case i was wrong, please let me know :-)

Now on to my reply:
Thanks a lot for moving it! :-)
I am always very much in doubt of where to put my art, as i often feel like submitting it under "other" or "misc".
As you might have guessed already, this is my first shot at isometric pixel art. I have done pixel art for my games before, but never in this style. So i am very glad that you took the time to help a newbie like myself out. You are the first to comment on it aswell.

I'll take the picture down for improvement, or rather start all over on a smaller scale. Doing pixels on an induvidual basis should take quite a while even for a smaller picture :-)
I'll make sure to read your link aswell as keep your comments in mind along the way. Even though i may feel different about certain points, i understand it is something that i will have to fulfill in order to submit it to this catagory :-)

About the lightsource, i tried to give it the look you descripted... Should the two lit sides have the same lightness?

When i have a new and improved version, would you prefer i send you a message before, after or not at all, to avoid posting it the wrong place again? :-)

Again, thanks a lot, it's not often i get feedback of this level :-)

- Scarzzurs
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Heck can chat to me can even disagree with me or even yell, I don't mind! :D

Here is a link to a small collection of PixelArt Tutorials I have in a folder in my favourites, there may be things in there that you might find of interest. [link]

Welcome to the awesome world of PixelArt... could always have a go at something a bit smaller like a pumpkin for the mighty Pile o' Pumpkin Collaboration I have going at the moment. [link] :)
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Heh, i got confused, thought i replied to a personal note rather than a comment on the actual piece :-)

Thanks again for all the great feedback, it's very helpful :-)

Anyways, i've given it another shot... Hopefully the new version will meet the catagory requirements, otherwise please let me know :-)

Link to new version: [link]

- Scarzzurs
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I added a comment to the new work. I am hoping you didn't use computer generated text as that is a no no in PixelArt. :)
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Hey thanks a lot for the reply and comment. :-)
I shall reply to the comment aswell.

No, the font is all homemade, pixel by pixel, this time. :-)
I wasn't all too happy about all letters, but i felt kinda good about the result never the less...
Should i take your comment on it looking like computer generated text as a compliment, or is it a bad thing? :-)

- Scarzzurs
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Take the comment about the text as a compliment! :D
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Jeg kan godt lide størrelsen af Danmark...
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Haha, ja. Synes jeg blev nødt til at være lidt selvfed nu det alligevel ikke skulle være realistisk :-)
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Jeg synes nu at den er hyper realistisk ;)
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