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Under Heaven's Shadow

done in approximately 12-15 hours
might fix it up a bit though... another kroes inspired piece..

The light of heaven banishes darkness
few know yet, of the shadows heaven's light casts,
of the radiant terror, the fury and vengeance, the fist of eternity.
Pray not ye stand in the her fell shadow,
nor be glimpsed by her merest gaze.


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thespangler's avatar
I'd favorite this but you water marked the hell out of it.  sigh.
scarypet's avatar
lol. I prefer watermarking the hell out of everything, rather than dealing with more art thieves
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UnholyWasp's avatar
Love the grieves 
UnholyWasp's avatar
This is amazing
A extremely beautiful piece that just speaks to me.
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Such a gorgeous piece! :D
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supermarioART's avatar
Simply amazing pic!;-)
absolutely wow!!!!!!take my breath away!!!!;)
dragonux's avatar
This is really friggin awesome/astonishing. I love the colors and her image. :D Thanks for sharing this. :)
infinitestudios2005's avatar
the perspective, colors and composition is on point!
yangjianwei120's avatar
Inspired by Keeley Hazell's face and body?
scarypet's avatar
nope :) inspired by doutzen kroes.. :D
Senshi88's avatar
So far, I must say that you are definitley my favorite artist here on DA ^-^ Im very into your art style!
scarypet's avatar
awww thank you! :)
Senshi88's avatar
Looking forward to see more fo your work ^-^
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