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Scarypet's 'Red Sonja' Painting Tutorial

Because I love to draw and I love you all and I want us all to draw and love drawing/painting
I made this new tutorial using my previously uploaded "Red Sonja" artwork...

Red Sonja - Dawn Breaks by scarypet

I don't consider myself a master at anatomy and digital painting, but I do my best to understand these things.
There are better guides out there, but well, here are my thoughts on the Painting process.
I hope you all try out these ideas which I present to you, and if you could, share it with the world!

Other tutorials that I made which may be relevant to this one:
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             To see all of my tutorials, click here

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Awesome breakdown

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Thank you! Hope it helps!!

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"What's the story behind this scar?"
"Oh I got it while making breakfast."
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first impression: Neat tutorial!
However, Yes, More Water! Is now going to be a thing... <3
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It looks so easy when you do itOnion Boy 6 
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I found this very helpful!

Thank you so much for sharing these awesome techniques :) 
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Fantastic work!!
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Very detailed
Thanks so much for sharing :)
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This tutorial is so generous. I paint with oil and aspire to do portraits. Some of the thinking in method can be altered to apply. Sharing this with others I follow on DA.
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thank you! I'm glad it's helpful :)
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Thank you for this great tutorial!
It is really interesting to see how you work !
I am always impresst when somone draw a picture whitout any outlines or simliar.
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Thank you too :)
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Very lovely, wouldn't want to meet here on the battlefield. :)
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This covers so many different areas of painting. Its an excellent breakdown\tutorial. Thank you. :)
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thanks, and you're welcome :hug:
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Great tutorial! Very detailed, I'll definitely try that technique for the blood and rocks soon!
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ay salamat dito kuya! 
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walang anuman!
yun!!! thanks for this sir!!!
ASTIG SIR!!! sayang walang like button :P
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Thanks for the tutorial. Great art as always (:
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