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Scarypet's 'ROCK'ing tutorial+

For the longest time, many people have been requesting for tutorial on how to paint/speed-paint rocks...

Well, this tutorial shows some of the ways I do it.

There are other methods I use but this tutorial shows the best examples to understanding the concept and not just the technique (well, i hope it does).

I hope it helps! :)

what software is that?
I did this in Photoshop cs2, but anyone can follow these steps using any painting/drawing software. I also just used a default brush here.

Why no textures? Rocks are often rough, right?
What is most important is to depict the form of the rock. To make it look realistic or believable, the rock should have body, and fit into it's environment. The textures are just secondary.

like my facebook page here i sometimes update it with random artworks not found here on da! :D
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Thanks dude! This is really a great tutorial :meow:

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Thank you so much, man!
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thankyou for the awesome tutorial
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Thank you. I was having face difficulty with a rock face, I think I was getting too stuck on details. I've finally made it to a point I am happy with
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Very helpful! Ty!!!
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Very useful tutorial! Thank you!
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thanks for the tutorial!
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:D It's a lot of fun to read your tut. Thanks a lot!
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Haha, you are funny cx
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Thanks very much for sharing :)
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tnx so much for your heroic act of sharing your talent! it takes an enormous amount of your time and effort to do so! we're so blessed for all that youv'ed done! keep it coming!
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I needed something like this SO BAD  !

FAV + Llama :dummy:
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awesome guide~
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which specific default brush did you use? i think hard round pressure opacity right...?
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yes something like that! hahaha
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haha, ok.

mind telling me how im getting this wrong then?

Rock? by Blue-The-Fox
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no problems with the brush, just try to improve the form of the object with better shadows.. (see step 2). Practice with simpler shapes first like cube shaped rocks or ball/sphere shapes... :)
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alright, thanks. i guess i'll give that a try.
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Wonderfully done and super handy! Thank you for drawing this up!
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Very useful! Thank you! :) This helped me with my planetary rocks in my newest project.
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Magnificent! Thanks for this kabayan!
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Fantastic examples!
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