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Red Sonja - Dawn Breaks


I can't believe it's been almost five years since the last time I painted something inspired by Red Sonja!
(Though this is the first time I actually tried to be true to her classic trademark "armor"...)
I'm rather satisfied with how this came out. I wanted her to look strong- muscular, scarred, and bloody as hell.

The blood/water was very calming to paint.. :)

--- I made a tutorial for this!
Scarypet's 'Red Sonja' Painting Tutorial by scarypet

In comparison, here are my previous depictions of her.

Red Sonja vs. 'THE' Lion-thing by scarypetRed Sonja, at War by scarypetRed Sonja, at rest by scarypet
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tnx for sharing sir, keep it coming!
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Wouw, so cool! Red Sonja --- red from the blood after a fierce battle, with that blood now flowing in rivers through the streets. Chilling, magnificent, excellent!
This, sir, is a masterpiece . 
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I really envy how you draw water so fantastically (and on that note, many thanks for uploading a walkthrough!)
This looks beautiful, I love the lighting and colours, the details, the composition, everything is just wonderful <3
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Ah, it's gorgeous. :D
"Armor" hahah! Oh, well....It's how she rolls. ^^;
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:) an awesome RS piece :thumbsup:
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blood looks great!
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Throwing some musculature in there, very nice.
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