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Pyramid Girl

a little bit over 2 hours from start to finish..

Female version of The Pyramid Head from Silent Hill...
I've been wanting to do this since last year.
Like the nurse, I finally got around to drawing this after so long..

I wanted to work with a color not commonly associated
with the Pyramid Head, so I chose to use blue for the background...

My Nurse

Here are a couple of other Female Pyramids by brilliant deviants!

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I honestly think that pyramid head really should have been this instead of a male. Would of been hot to see them digital titties. lol I just wouldn't try to fight her though.
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This is amazing I never seen a pyramid head female before.<3
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I actualy think this one is the closest to what a canon female pyramid would be like, Always my fav char in Silent Hill hands down, The Butcher and the lame ass fireman giant ones just made me facepalm so hard... :iconfacepalmplz:
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Even if I don't think the tits are Necessary, as Pyramid Head is supposed to be, Well, Not.. I can't be bothered to explain it. That's what the bobble head nurses are for. Not Pyramid head. Then again it sort of Makes sense.

I Prefer this one to the "Pyramid Bitch" version.
The Great blade is supposed to be Massive in my mind, Not in two chunks like Cleavers.
Well done on this, By the way.
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Okay now that is just badass xD
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Was just thinking, that helmet is heavy, and probably sharp at the edges.

Leaning your head down while wearing that, and if you're a girl, that would definitely cut your breasts up a little.

All I can say is, great artwork and "ouch!"
DragonaChainsaw's avatar
Your deviations remind SF, it's very original !
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I wouldn't mind getting raped by her :3.
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This is just f*cking epic!
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This is awesome.
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Trying to be frightened. Can't find it in me. -drool- xD
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I have two options here...

1. Run as fast as I can and somehow try and get past her

2. Stand there like a lemon and stare at her body
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Death seems possible...I'm prepared to take that risk!
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you sir, are awesome, and you should FEEL awesome!
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Thank you kind sir ^^
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