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Julie Walker - Zombie Princess

By scarypet
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good grief! you wont believe how hard it is to look for a decent reference pic of such movies from the early 90's! The screencaps were so tiny and pixelized, I had to make up most of the drawing from imagination! I'm glad it still came out looking like her...

Julie Walker from Return of the Living Dead 3

After her death due to a motorcycle accident, Julie is
Reanimated by her boyfriend at a Military Research Facility
working on reanimating corpses as fighting machines.
Though her consciousness is intact, the spreading infection
and resulting degeneration of her body
drives her to cannibalistic tendencies.
Struggling to retain what remains of her humanity,
her innate masochistic tendencies are pushed to the physical limits.

Another lesson to be taken from the movie:
Zombies sure as hell can be friggin' smexy-hot!
(well, if you're into that sort of thing... :giggle:)
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HabeEvilHobbyist Artist
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Casey-AitkenProfessional Artist
Amazing digital drawing of Julie walker she's beautiful
one of my all time favourite female zombies   
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I really like it, but I kinda wish the deviant watermark was not Right in the middle of the pic, blah, off to the side or something would have made it way better
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crazy ass detail .. dam good!!
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supermarioARTHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing and realistic!;-)
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I remember this movie!
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that's fuckin' awesome!!
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That's fuckin' epic!!
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scarypet General Artist
thanks!! :D
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No problem. :3
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MichaelSwordbladeProfessional General Artist
Those movies were BAAAD! So bad that were good!
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scarypet General Artist
yes!!! hahahah!
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TobiasWeinaldHobbyist General Artist
Good god. You know, I actually work on a series of fanarts on this character, being really obsessed with this film *g*
And yes, it's true that it's hard to find good reference material on all those little details they've attached to her.

But honestly none of the stuff I've done comes even close to THIS! Honest respect and congratulations for this one.
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scarypet General Artist
thanks so much! glad you like it, and happy to meet a fellow fan! :)
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that is sooo HAWT!!! :)
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Hitori-AshStudent General Artist
Fantastic!! I S2 this movie^^
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Kryseis-ArtHobbyist Digital Artist

Your beautiful work is featured here : [link]
:heart: :glomp:
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scarypet General Artist
thank you!
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Kryseis-ArtHobbyist Digital Artist
My pleasure :)
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LevanaTempest Digital Artist
Beautyful work!:heart:

It would be my honor to feature your work in:iconhigh-vision:


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scarypet General Artist
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memoirs000 Artist
i remeber this moive great moive
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Wow, i've been wondering if i'd ever see a decent rendition of this character. i loved her. the movie was deliciously trashy, i think it was crap even when it was new. But this film had one of the greatest ideas in any zombie film. Pain delays the hunger.. cue full ass-kicking body mod. She inspired me from a young age and I'm glad i've found this amazing picture. Very well done.
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Wow! One of the best zombie movies outside the Romero collection (not to mention the reason for my unhealthy infatuation with redheads). Very, very nicely done. I would be asking permission to have this inked had I run into this when I still had enough room to do it justice.
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