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Influence Map Meme thing

Actually these are stuff that specifically influence my styles & methods..
Of course, i also draw inspiration from music, movies, and books..

not included in the image is totmoartsstudio2's body.

hit this link to get the original lay-out and make your own!
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Creative, nice re-hash, very kool, i dig it.
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Look what you did all the awesome over loaded the meme.
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Awesome work, I like how unique you made this, and it also is so energetic as well as chaotic. I love it. :D
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Sejic's space should be bigger! :p
scarypet's avatar
Hahaha! You may be right! :D
Forty-Fathoms's avatar
Lol, I'm a big fan of his, and I can see you are. Well a "little" fan.

Just yanking your chain. =p
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wow! great treatment!
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how did you get the boxes to be angled like that???
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I didn't really follow the boxes ;p
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My neck is cracking D:
scarypet's avatar
D: is that a good thing or a bad thing?
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That was your goal right?
To cause people intense pain when they look at your influence map? 8D
scarypet's avatar
pain OR pleasure, perhaps? hehehehehe
Jace-Z's avatar
Of course!
Getting my neck massaged by my therapist was the most relaxing experience ever XD
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Magic is a huge inspiration really :D
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Hah, love that you changed it so much. Most people just change the sizes. . .you went into three dimensions! :noes:

I am not surprised to see Boris there. :XD:
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yeah! think out of the box! in fact, break the walls down on your way out of the box!!!! :lol:
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xaxaax I'm a bit sleepy and sloppy (used soo incorrect language :D )
bboydexter's avatar
c'mon man, it's high time you've made another perfect image to made me happy with it; I need a new desctop image :P; love your work once more
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