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UPDATED Back To The Future Icn



I present to you the complete collection of Icons based on the Back To The Future Movie Trilogy

!!!UPDATED!!! with Higher resolution output for use in Leopard new "Cover Flow" finder (previous version contained Mac .pict and .icn icon files that were designed at at 512 pixels but were created in 10.3.9 Panther and thus were only saved for viewing at 128 pixels)

This Set features:

Blue Flux Capacitor
Yellow Flux Capacitor
3 Time Circuit Variants
£ Time Circuit Variants (Turned Off)
Flying Delorean
Temporal Flying Delorean
Railway Delorean
Temporal Railway Delorean
Desert Delorean
Temporal Desert Delorean
Pitbull Hoverhoard
Pitbull Hoverhoard Variant
Gang Hoverboard 1
Gang Hoverboard 1 Variant
Gang Hoverboard 2
Gang Hoverboard 2 Variant
Gang Hoverboard 3
Gang Hoverboard 3 Variant
Griff's HoverCar
Griff's HoverCar Variant
Griff's Baseball Bat
Griff's Baseball Bat Variant
Mr Fusion
Nike Bag
Almanac Variant
LitterBug Trash Empty
LitterBug Trash Full
LitterBug Trash Empty Variant
Binoculars Variant
Pepsi Perfect Bottle
Diet Pepsi Bottle
"Your Fired" Document
Mr Fusion Logo Document
2015 Delorean License Plate
Pizza Packet
Pizza Packet Variant
Pizza Packet Document
DMC Logo

i'd love some feedback, so leave a comment or something!!

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