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- Fragments -
Wells (fragment)
It is an Art,
     To poison a well...
By ounce, when the liquor's weak,
     But a proper drop:
Will send a whole village to Hell.
On Infirmity (fragment)
Thin encumbering cobalt stitchery,
     Under my gaze grows thick.
From cell to cell I am reminded
Of the unfortunate filial piety,
     Of Certain pathogens.
Amorous Syrup  (fragment)
Slow-dropping strings make
     Into blundering beads,
Breaking on the profundity of paper.
     Heavy-dark honey.
     Her first-broken comb.
Widow (fragment)
Ambling tangle turned "cob".
Husky orient-black birth-hollow;
A spent Widow twists and jars my glass.
Prophet (fragment)
The boy had a rattle in his foul bones..
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- The Troll - by scarrow - The Troll - :iconscarrow:scarrow 0 1
- Ovum and the Oyster -

Slow, long suffering string of pale, pearly spittle,
A sour swath in the red-ripest space.
Less seed than stain, with finest meticulousness
Made skin upon skin, in agonizing inch-meal,
The foul heart of fruit.
Mother, The stink at the centre of your lovely suckling...
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- I have walked a Pace -

I have walked a pace...
In a parched, horizon-less place.
Spent a space, where the land leeches thirst…
Far from tides
And the coarse touch of salt…
My tongue a thickness…
And breathing a long, dry sickness.
And conscience kin to a canopic jar.
Tottering from its resting spar
Spilling a dry and ugly fruit...
A waterless mania...
I dream oft of a spine.
An exquisite spine...
Bent, abathe in a clear stony space...
The dimple at the small of her back a bare sweetness...
Like naked threads of gentle, creeping honey...
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To a Lady Breathing
( I )
Steep-up,he does,on a
Ragged-staff depend:
Straw pauper.
Still, his sheaved stuff,
An Autumn currance with indolence spends.
He,tottering anatomy upon a perch
Of weeds.
Sinking-ripe,sallow ragman,in the
Senescence of Summer\'s seeds.
With a yeoman\'s fabric ( an enduring
Half-cap declines ) unnumbered holes
Felled,fall,drop fold upon fulsome
Fold. Third and twist.
( I say,thread and cord ).
To rival proper the addle lattice,
Of intrince Autumn mould.
( II )
\"What-desiccate-sole disquiet
A scarecrow coquette?\"
What fluent instrument,
What fleshly organ\'s sough
Nips,even,compeer crow
At rest of his rooky cabinet?
( Casual upon the marionette\'s strawy epaulet ).
Not themselves the throat,effeminate,
Of long purples do beget
So, upon mouth-pins pull and stitches fret.
The crow-keeper,
( Crucified on a tall grainèd cane).
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- Spinners -
Little gods
In the spaces of spiders.
Bent spines weaving in the addled eaves.

Chiisai kami wa...
Kumo no yochi ni iru naa...
Kusatteiru noki de magatta sekizui
wa ande iru yo...
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Stark, humble, spines,
Upon a spit of crumpled stone.
There below, an inky pock,
A brinish bowl, gathers salts.
A coarse cup where, ancient and unremarked,
Bare, hollow-boned priests paced and washed.
Above the bitter green ocean-weed, raised a storm-worn standard to the stinging ablution
Of a sweeping, shapeless sea.
A basin where I dipped and whispered,
Licked from my long hands.
Gave thanks for flesh.
The feeding upon of Her finny brood.
Then, the cedar ensnarled mount above like a glass, a sistering shrine,
Of fine rounded rock; soft singing pools.
There I made my way above the storming grey,
And washed from my nails the white weepings of
Addled, unremembered sea-gods.

Ooi hisame
Togatteiru tsume
Shio nameru.

多い 氷雨
尖っている 爪
塩 なめる
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Fragment - Flesh Lender
..Rhyme, kind flesh lender,
Fine Orient flesh lender.
My plea: from this pine pyx uproot
A reverie
Of Shrine Maidens
And winter cherries...
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- Spleen -
Hereby young Po.
A hundred-fold sins
Of a thousand soft
Melon-warm skins,
The salt of his serraglio.
Or feathr\'d and preened,
Or purpl\'d or cream.
One on One supp\'d up his spleen.
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A tenth-part.
This pagoda of honey-brown pears.
Idling, I take tea abreast the market-bell,
In this place of pursers and soft
Cinnamon airs...
Now, this is the fine,
In times nine, times nine:
Ah! How liquorish Her slipper\'d pace...
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Belly, knotted like a ragged bean.
A gentle pace of mellow bristling steps,
Abreast a stippled waxy paper screen
With a burden of modest implements.
Past the pungent cups and crockery
Of night upon a sequent night\'s cold oil.
Buoyed by a hungry revery
Of no softer painting to be spoiled.
Kerchief and cool reverberate brass bowl,
Simple tools, with leisure to unmake
A hair and lace so featly to unroll.
A spot of paint, a blot of blush and kohl...
Courtesan, plum-patterened silk aflow.
Cinnabar above, Cinnabar below...
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Genus Corvus

Genus Corvus

There my Silence came,
Soft, she clomb the knoll.
There my Silence came
To glaze longly intil a well of coal.
Thither she sate, and her
Smilet he kindly rewords,
Silverly, a glimpse to a
Sistering cote of variable birds:
This old beech, martyr\'d
Of a mouthèd bole.
His longing courb
To bathe a knott\'d spur,
Wherein the vaulty root,
A russet-pated fox featly mends his fur.
And as the racking cloud
Bend a pencill\'d, metaphysical,bow
There souses, from this nonpareil cope
A fulsome and gorbelli\'d crow.
My silence he o\'erlooks, his eye of pumpion pale.
Feazèd feathers furled,
This misproud sail.
My Silence, discoloured, her cheek-roses whither.
Fox flees, birds quiver.
And her hand, to a distempering tremble
Grows lither.
Still, goodman crow,enrapt
Jets too and fro
Straight-pight upon talent and night\'d toe.
And lo! Look to the gloaming flow.
Long, purpled curtain that rolls
Low, to the steepy highland scaffold.
Breathes crow:
\"Art cold? Come, in pinion
Will I t
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