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Trayvo/Edna reference by Scarredblade Trayvo/Edna reference by Scarredblade
'Nother ref down :dummy:
Name: Trayvo Riil
Gender: Male
Age: 1,397 years
Race: Araindel
    -technologically advanced humanoid hermaphrodites from a distant galaxy, rarely appear in human-colonized space
    -naturally long-lived; strong resistance to disease; accelerated healing; can reproduce without a partner

Backstory: He was abandoned by his progenitor shortly after he was born, and was picked up by a bounty hunter passing through. A few years later he was left in the care of a pirate band that raised him like one of their own, and he grew up to be their leader with a reputation for being a ruthless criminal. Dissatisfied with his lot in life, he chased down rumors of The Almother, a being at the edge of space capable of granting desires, but at a steep price; he left his pirates to dedicate himself to the years-long search and was eventually successful. He made a deal with The Almother: in exchange for magic and an even longer life, his soul belonged to The Almother, and he would have to give up his pirating ways and help people instead. Failing to do so would mean his death. It was extremely difficult at first to get used to his new life, but after a while he started to genuinely enjoy acting selfless.
He's tried many professions since then, and is currently a treasure hunter with moderate success.

Edna (the creature next to him) is basically his parole-officer-turned-friend, who was tasked with making sure he upheld his part of the deal, and would kill him on the spot if he didn't. Trayvo still doesn't know the full extent of her power, only that she can turn invisible and speak telepathically. She was also given her name by Trayvo.

His gun is a boltcaster pistol, which fires condensed plasma bolts from cartridges that carry a charge of ten shots. The bolts can pierce almost anything except starship armor.

Art/Character belong to Me
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September 12, 2017
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