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Kairon Reference by Scarredblade Kairon Reference by Scarredblade
At long last I've finally finished a reference for this guy :la: I started and scrapped so many different versions over the past few months it's ridiculous. He's my main D&D character, and really the only one I ever get a chance to use :'D Also he's a rogue with the ability to transform into a more demonic form with wings, for which I'll be making a separate reference for soon.
Here's his background info:


He lived in a nameless orphanage in Llorkh for most of his childhood
-he was picked up off the street by the matron, Arthana, when he was only three, and had no memory of his parents
    -as a kid he was very nervous and shy, partly because he barely understood Common and could only speak Infernal
-his only friend was an orc boy named Pascal who was a year older
-the two would go everywhere together, with Kairon following behind his bolder friend
-as they got older, they were allowed to wander around the city instead of being cooped up in the orphanage, and would get into all sorts of mischief (mostly started by Pascal; Kairon usually just wanted to play with stray animals)
-when they were in their early teens, some of Pascal’s shenanigans pissed off one of the many local gangs and what could have been a simple confrontation escalated, and Pascal ended up being killed
-Kairon was devastated by the loss of his friend, becoming severely depressed and refusing to interact with anyone
Lord Hartig, while passing through, took notice of Kairon's plight and seemed to take pity on him, giving him food, a place to live, and honest work at the Noble's manor, in the form of errands, etc. (basically just adopted him)
-At first the noble treated him like an equal or a friend, but as time passed Hartig became colder and asserted his authority with much harsher means
    -Kairon found out through listening to a pair of maids talking that Hartig would adopt young children and mold them into slaves which he would sell on the black market
    -Desperate for his freedom, he tried to run away, but was arrested for trying to leave the city after curfew. After a few days in a cell his hopes of being left there or forgotten were dashed when the noble bailed him out, further adding to his debts
-Now that he knew what Hartig was doing, Kairon kept his guard up around the Lord; one night, a month or so after his first attempt to leave, he was helping to clean up what was left of dinner when Hartig tried to pull Kairon aside, but since he was already really high-strung he panicked, and stabbed the lord in the neck with a fork
    -panicking even more, he fled out the manor, managing to escape from the furious guards, and hitching a ride on a wagon on its way out the city

Terrified of being pursued, he went from town to town, never staying in one area for more than a day or two, until what meager coin he had ran out in Scornubel
    -he tried finding work among the market stalls and back-alley shops, but they all turned him away for being a tiefling
    -the only place that would take someone like him in was a brothel near the port called The Siren’s Song, where he was brought on as one of the two male dancers they had
    -the other was an elf named Nios Zal, a charismatic and clever man who taught him how to make his way in the world with both the skills he already had and those he was taught

-Kairon was around 15-17 at the time, and was never made to “perform” in any way except on the stage

A year passed before he felt the need to move on, and would have continued his journey away from Llorkh if Nios hadn’t told him about the Thieves’ Guild, and put in a good word for him if he decided to join
    -he figured it was time to stop letting fear control his decisions; plus he was really curious about this group that Nios seemed to like
    -he got in trouble with the law several times, and once he was chased all the way north to May's forest, where he first met the elven ranger
        -only stayed for a few months before moving on, but they became good friends in that time, and would often visit

-It took a few slipups, for which he was branded and whipped several times, for him to figure out how to be an efficient thief and avoid being caught
    -after being part of the Thieves’ Guild for some time, he met Fazsah, a purple/blue tiefling woman, and a thief like him
    -she was cunning, and more ruthless in her practice, but they made a great team when they worked together
        -at least, until she decided to betray him on a particularly lucrative contract and almost got him killed

He got his favorite knife, a bowie-style blade he named Sirenstrike, from an odd job
-basically had to take back a wagon stolen from a caravan and rescue a lockbox, and could take anything else as a reward
    -the knife isn’t magic or particularly special, forged from a ferrier’s file so it appears to have scales, and heat-treated to give the blade a pinkish/blue hue
-has a carved/painted bone grip
His other blade, Shiverfang, is magical, and can coat itself in poison

And some misc. notes on his personality and stuff:

Has a serious mistrust of nobles and people who try to help him (gee I wonder why)
He distrusts and hates people of all races, but would die to protect a child in need
    -he remembers what it was like to be young and powerless, and doesn't want any kid to suffer the way he did
Takes a long time to warm up to others, but he would do almost anything for those who are close to him
    -at the moment, that would only be May (which is her)

Loves all animals, and like with children he would rush to the aid of an animal being abused
When he's particularly angry, sad, etc., he slips into his native language, Infernal, much to the confusion of anyone nearby
    -until he reached adulthood, he'd had only a basic understanding of Common and could barely read
When tense, alert, or agitated, the tip of his tail flicks from side to side
He's still mildly paranoid about Lord Hartig, especially since he never knew if the lord was actually pursuing him, and avoids any mentions of his hometown or previous life before becoming a thief

Character/Art belong to Me

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