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{Creepypasta OC} Lethal Lila

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KIND criticism is always welcome!

If you have any questions about her feel free to ask!

She is not finished, more and more will be added to her bio


black heart bullet Name: Lila Fields

black heart bullet Alias: Lethal Lila

black heart bullet Nickname(s): 
''Laughing Stock Lila''

black heart bullet DOB: 9/5/1968

black heart bullet DOD: 4/6/1990

black heart bullet Age died: 21 years old { Remains this age }

black heart bullet Actual age: 47 years old

black heart bullet Cause of death: Kicked repeatedly in the stomach until her organs were crushed and she died from internal bleeding

black heart bullet Species: Demon

black heart bullet Gender: Female

black heart bullet Sexuality: Lesbian

black heart bullet Personality:

Lila doesn't beat around the bush, she is very bold and blunt. She doesn't believe in sugar coating things so she doesn't hurt other's feelings. She feels little to no remorse for anything living, even animals or infants.
Borderline emotionless
It's hard to get an emotional reaction out of her, however the emotions that do show through occasionally are anxiety/nervousness, anger, and harshness.
Since she can't differentiate real life from her imagination { due to her psychosis } sometimes she tends to be paranoid which can lead to her anxious behavior.

black heart bullet  Anything holy { Ex: Holy water; crosses }
black heart bullet  Her long hair { It can be pulled easily }
black heart bullet  Exorcists/exorcism { Well, ya shes a demon }

black heart bullet Strength(s): Agility; speed; slightly stronger than the average female human 

black heart bullet  Intelligence: 8/10
black heart bullet  Strength: 6/10
black heart bullet  Speed: 6/10
black heart bullet  Agility: 7/10 
black heart bullet  Endurance: 2/10
black heart bullet  Stamina: 4/10
black heart bullet  Balance: 4/10
black heart bullet  Tolerance: 1/10

black heart bullet Likes: Cold weather; alone time; logical people

black heart bullet Dislikes: Illogical people; overly optimistic people; warm weather; large crowds

black heart bullet Fears: Small enclosed spaces; being restrained; large animals

black heart bullet Zodiac sign: Virgo

black heart bullet Powers/abilities: N/A

black heart bullet Weapon(s)
Doesn't use any weapons aside from her hands and possibly anything lying around

Medical info

black heart bullet Blood type: AB

black heart bullet Physical disorder(s): Healed/scabbed over cuts on arms and upper thighs

black heart bullet Mental disorders: Psychosis

black heart bullet Symptoms from disorder(s):

black heart bullet Psychosis: Paranoia; delusions; hallucinations { Auditory and visually }; Loss of motivation; social withdrawal; anxiety; suicidal thoughts or actions; etc. { Go here if you want to read about it yourself:… }

black heart bullet Left handed

black heart bullet Height: 5 feet 7 inches

black heart bullet Weight: 138 pounds { Underweight }

Physical appearance

Pale; unhealthy skin

Long brown hair, goes to upper back { The cut is straight across }

Sunken in eyes; cheekbones; etc.

Petite frame { or at least as petite as I can draw since I'm use to drawing thicc women }

Light blue eyes with black sclera


black heart bullet Birth place: Chudleigh, Devon, England.

black heart bullet Mental asylum held residence in: James House

black heart bullet Current residence: Unknown, is thought to move around and not stick to one location


black heart bullet Mother:

Name: Rachel Fields
Age: 76 years old
Status: Alive
Relationship with Lila: Thinks shes dead; she cared for her daughter immensely 
Lila's relationship with them: indifferent, doesn't plan on looking or meeting up with her

black heart bullet Father:

Name: Victor Fields
Age: 81 years old
Status: Alive
Relationship with Lila: Thinks shes dead; he cared for his daughter immensely 
Lila's relationship with them: indifferent, doesn't plan on looking or meeting up with him

black heart bullet Siblings: N/A

Significant other:

black heart bullet Name: Valentine Killer
Age: 23 years old
Status: Alive
Relationship with Lila: Loves her with her life, will do anything to protect her
Lila's relationship with them: Loves her but acts like she does around everyone else, so her personality doesn't change around her.
Valen can be found here:  {Creepypasta OC} Valentine Killer by Scarmmetry


She's an extremely cold person, it's hard to get to her soft spot
Doesn't tend to like people that are shy and are hard to talk to, she won't pry something out of someone so she'll just stop talking to them

black heart bullet Allies: 

1: Nightcrawler

2: Lauren Gutrippers

3: Masquerade

4:Slaughter Hand

5: Blutigen Engel

6: Jenny the Murderess

7: The Dream Catcher

8: Unlucky

9: Jean Nelson

black heart bullet Enemies:  

1: Roadkill Redesign

2: Blood Dead




black heart bulletFAQblack heart bullet

black heart bulletWhy does she have so many cuts? That's pretty edgy

If you read up on her mental disorder; having psychosis can cause the host to have suicidal thoughts or actions. The slits help her find her peace zone

black heart bulletWhy are her scleras black? Just edgy for no reason??

I headcanon that demons scleras are naturally black

black heart bulletWhy is her hair so long?

She just never bothered to cut it, I've heard that some mental hospitals will cut the patient's hair; but not all of them will. So hers was never cut

black heart bulletIs she still a proxy?

No she's not a proxy anymore

black heart bulletRead her backstory here:  Lethal Lila's Origin Story{While reading this, please keep in mind that this story is not finished. In no way is it perfect, there will be a few errors with grammar since I'm honestly not the type to proof read. Not only that, but this story itself is not finished, unless I say that this is the story set in stone then it is not!
Along with that, this isn't intentionally going to be spooky or creepy it's an origin story. If it spooks you out then good! If not, oh well, it's not suppose to be scary!
Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy! }
Lila was a relatively normal child, running around, smiling, giggling, she loved playing with her father and he loved playing with her. Even though she was just like the other kids physically, Coronary Heart Disease ran on her father's side of the family. Lila was unlucky enough to have it. For the most part, she didn't let it affect her when she was little. Extremely obedient when it came to taking blood thinners so her arteries wouldn't become clogged just to run back out to play wit

black heart bulletCreepypasta Story: { wip }

black heart bulletblack heart bulletblack heart bulletblack heart bullet

Other references drawn by me:
Changes Happen Without Consent by Scarmmetry  Bored chan by Scarmmetry  {Contest Prize} Lila and Smile by Scarmmetry 

black heart bulletJoin her fan group :iconlila-fan-group:black heart bullet

If you see ANYONE aside from me using this reference sheet or any type of art that is affiliated with Lila without my permission and does not credit me, please tell me! 

black heart bulletLethal Lila © Scarmmetry { Me }black heart bullet

black heart bulletArt © Scarmmetry { Me }black heart bullet
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omg she's soooooo pretty! sexy figure too heheheheheehheheh >:)
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Out of many of the Original Characters I've seen, this is one of the good ones I've seen. First of all, I like how her design is toned down to a few colours, looking like an actual demon rather than some eye-bleeding hair colours and skin colours, etc. I also love how not all of her stats, such as strength and agility are not 9/10, they are varied. It clearly stated that your character isn't a Mary Sue type of character as the others I've seen before. One thing I'd like to say is that I think the character herself shouldn't be TOO cold and serious, it makes it kind of cliche, but Lila herself is a good character and extremely well thought out. I also love how she's actually older than 30 and not just some cringey teen creepypasta. There are also other facts about your character, such as what zodiac sign she is and so on. I like how informative you are about your OC. I applaud you! BTS Jungkook clap  
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You rated this Creepypasta OC. Wanna rate mine?
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I sent it. First, rate her on look.
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Do you see my note?
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M.M [Ref: Slenderverse CP-OC] by Disease-Love12  Can she be her friend?
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you can be mine :))))
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Great job! She sounds interesting!
your OC is amazing, I love that she is not a teen like most oc's. just a question, is she or was she a proxy?
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Can my oc be friends with Lethal Lila
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I adore her!!
Could you she enemies with my cp Jeremy?? 
Here's his old ref sheet: 

 Creepypasta Jeremy Character Sheet 
 He's going under complete revisement at the start of September! 
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trust her she's a lesbian 
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Do you possibly mind if I use her as a Youtube account if I credit you in the description? I am in love with any type of creepypasta my main Youtube account is Laughing Jill and I have a bunch of other creepypasta accounts that I use. I would only like to know if I could use her as one of the accounts, please. I promise I would give credit to you in the description, but I wouldn't copy all of the details that you have on this DeviantArt page, just a couple of main details for her. Thank you.
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If you link and credit me I don’t mind what you do with her <3
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Alright, thank you. :)
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Is there any particular reason she is naked? Or is that just to show us the injuries? I'm a little confused.
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