Polish Deviants: Maybe something in the water...

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but there is something amazing and phenomenal about the Polish artists on this site.  After given the courage and inspiration by SRaffa ---->:eyes:<---- ahem,  I decided that I would finally write an article about them. My very first deviantArt News Article, at that.  Not bad for 4 years. :lmao:   After being given the exquisite opportunity to be exposed to so much art by being a part of Traditional-Media I get subjected to more and more of what I think of as the "Polish Experience".

Let me show you what I mean: :#1:

Mature Content

this is Poland uncensored by DanielGrzeszkiewicz
  (this is Poland uncensored) little girl 02 by DanielGrzeszkiewicz (little girl 02) ...and one from the middle by DanielGrzeszkiewicz (...and one from the middle)

Mature Content

pour leurs beaux yeux by alkor12
  (twisted nude)

Mature Content

toxic love by alkor12
(toxic love) clasic by alkor12 (clasic)

strangling a cat by GOTYCKI  (strangling a cat) PETER STEELE by GOTYCKI (PETER STEELE)

Mature Content

body by GOTYCKI

(lucky star) (mouse: (ladybug)

Mature Content

Female act 2 by tajus
  (woman's act) Hayden Panettiere by tajus (Hayden Panettiere) Matylda by tajus (Matylda)

Look, my son.... by Ladowska (Look, my son….) I wish.... by Ladowska (I wish….) Little one by Ladowska (Little one)

Irons in the fire by oozzee   (warsaw...irons in the fire) Leave me alone by oozzee (Leave me alone) toxicity by oozzee (toxicity)

This is just a touch of what is out there; there are so many more.  They have been blowing my mind for months now and seem to be a humble and inconspicuous lot whose talent is deserving of much much more...

That is all for now!
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Ha! It's all true...
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Most of my favourite artists are the french ones, but the polish deviants are amazing!!
I enjoyed reading your article!
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Aww thanks for the comment and I just had to say something as it's been something that has been overwhelming me almost daily. lol. That and I had to give poor, busy ^sphilr a break from hearing about my latest "find" with some note every day. :giggle:

TBH, it was his idea I write the article :noes:
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I do agree, there does seem to be something about the Polish artists . . .

Excellent selection. :)
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Indeed and thank you!
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:aww: you are lovely!!! it's very nice!!!:tighthug::blowkiss:
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I am glad you like it.
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thank you very much :slow:
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You are most welcome...
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Beautifully considered and accomplished; very nicely done! :thumbsup:
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Hmm, yeah I have an actual closing 'summarization' to it but seems that is the same as 'key words' is to a deviation. I would not have done this without you. XD

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Hmmm-- there's a summarization you wanted to add, but were unable due to technical problems...?
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Thank you, Juhi! :smooch:
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:giggle: I wuv you too!
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