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Deadpool vs. The Hulk

Hey everyone! The moment you all been waiting for has finally arrived.
DEADPOOL vs. THE HULK!!!...Well maybe it's just us who have been waiting for it. At any rate here it is. We hope you guys dig it!

Check out our Deadpool forum made by Deadheads for Deadheads: [link]
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It's all fun and games until someone's head get's rammed up their own buttcheeks
Kajm's avatar
Didn't anyone get the movie reference?
Puppet----KingBean's avatar
he looks so much better with a hat on
datdinodude's avatar
honestly this wouldn't be the first time DP V Hulk
chris-the-sword's avatar
excellent work.

everything is flawless.

you drew both hulk and deadpool perfectly, and deadpool's face/style/design is perfect.
also deadpool+a cowboy hat? its EPIC WIN!

great work, keep it up!
xVentressx's avatar
Hulk's face.XD
ZILLA-Rex's avatar
Now this is funny 
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
doomscraper's avatar
deadpool: Let get in the movie
Conormcal's avatar
Where did the cowboy hat come from?
SpartanNinjaDragon's avatar
It's Deadpool. It's better if you don't ask questions.
kennyg302's avatar
Dude, come on, a Die Hard rip-off, Die Hard sucks, get ori-
Deadpool:plz: shut up, nerd, don't insult John McClain. 
MusicAndArtIsMyLife's avatar
HAHAHA XDD he would totally make a good Demon :3
IsaDannisaurgirl's avatar
Hahahaha, I love Deadpool!<3
PH-mexicanfangirl17's avatar
Only Wade would do this. :lol:
LittleMirelle's avatar
Doktor-Marceline's avatar
Deadpool is a Diehard fan!!
Liyito's avatar
ferrignofan's avatar
lol ridin' the bronco!
ScarletVulture's avatar
LOL yup, a giant angry green bronco :D
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