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Sydney . Arc 2

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"The Sanctuary," Darling Violetta (totally would quote lyrics, except it's mostly instrumental and what few lyrics are in it are really dumb)

Click here to read the story: [link]

Y'know, I'm always really afraid to put my characters in black, because I'm paranoid of them coming off as TOTES MISUNDERSTOOD EMO GOFFICKS SELF INSERT MARY SUE . . . but Sydney looks good in black, just as Sydney.

Also, I think I'm getting the hang of coloring eyes, finally. I really like these eyes.
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She looks awesome. I love the epic pose she's in. XD
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EH... I think it's one thing to put them in black and another to give them corsets and mini skirts and fishnets and chains and... I could go on, or you could just read My Immortal. I'll spare you the details.

Damn, this picture is just too cool.
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The color scheme here is lovely. And you don't have to worry, she doesn't look GOFFIK at all. In fact I think that shirt looks pretty cool. I love the lineart, I think you're getting better at clothes all the time. If I had one little complaint it would be about the hair. I think it might have looked a little more polished if you had used smaller brushes for the shading and blended it in a little. That being said, I love it's warm colors. Sorry for the long-ass comment.
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Darn it -- I was trying to use smaller brushes as it was. xD Draaat.

Oh well, I'll try harder next time. :meow: Thanks for the comment, sweetie! X3