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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Zora КудероваFemale/Slovakia Recent Activity
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Cheap commissions
I'm 26€ in debt so I'm opening quick and cheap "half body" commissions. If you're not interested please share this journal (LINK) if you can/want to help me <3

Prices 6 - 7 €

Type: half body, full color

Will draw: Anything humanoid. (If I'm given a character with a very complex design, I may add up to an additional € to the cost) If you want to know if your character would be complex, just note me about it)

Paypal: invoice, digital goods
I only accept payment when I'm finished drawing so you don't need to worry about asking for refunds if I'm not able to finish your commission.

For my rules, terms etc read
this journal (LINKor ask me via notes 
Half body (examples)
Scarlett icon by ScarlettDragon1  "Hello! DO NOT request here! Message me If you want to Commission, Art Trade, Gift Art, Request or anything like that. (you can contact me on DeviantArt, Tumblr, FB or Discord)"

:flame:  Click on :fire: THIS LINK :fire: or scroll down for more info

Sorcerer Wedding If you're here for Adoptables  keep scrolling


Full body (examples)
Potion Old Blue Healing Potion Pixel Love Potion Bag Dye Potion Smol Love Potion Potion4-red Potion 6 Star Potion Medium  Ornate Purple PotionGreen Dye 
Half body - vertical (examples)
:minscnoid: Treasure Chest Knight Firelite-photo :cauldron: Swirl Potion Smol Love Potion Bag Dye Potion Smol Firelite-photo Monster Meow 
Ref sheets, mini comics, scenarios (examples)
:drizztnoid: :fire: Dragon Bullet Red :fire:  Blush Ruktar :lozmagiclifepotion: Potion 1 Health Potion :plutogarnetorb: :plutogarnetrod: 
~~~~~~~INFO WIDGET~~~~~~~~
 Kroco The Sorcerer 𝒲𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒, 𝓅𝓁𝑒𝒶𝓈𝑒 𝓇𝑒𝒶𝒹 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈  :scroll: , 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓌𝒾𝓁𝓁 𝒻𝒾𝓃𝒹:
Sword Silver1.1. commissions - PayPal bullet and Ko-fi (2017) Icon ultramini only 
Animal Crossing Bell Coin Emoticon 1.2. trades
FE Icon Chest Key 1.3. gifts (gift art)
sparkle1.4. requests
Black Cat 1.5. adopts
:lozmegatonhammer: 1.6. auction
Pixel: Crown 1.7. rewards (for active watchers)
Adoptables - points
<da:thumb id="746595101"/> "This is where you adopt new creatures. I accept Points and PayPal bullet"
Dark Mage Map SpriteHere are available adopts. Click on pictures for more info. Pixel Cm - Cylithren by AzureHowlShilach

  1. DBZ girls adoptables available - Saiyan #9
  2. Skunk adoptables available - 4, 5 & 6     

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Frieza vs Queen Chrysalis
Death Battle: Frieza vs Queen Chrysalis
Alucard Wesker: *walks into a friend's old dusty DB room* Damn this place needs some upkeep...
Nightmare Moon: you're telling me *pokes the skeleton of a long forgotten Mane-iac*
AW: *dusts off the couch and flops onto it* Well then in response to a suggestion here is my take on a battle between Frieza galactic ruler of the universe and Queen Chrysalis, monarch of the changelings. Roll the tape!
NM: *puts a reel int he projector and pulls a lever*
The bane of the universe gazed out of his window into the deep void of space. This tyrant was no more than four and a half feet tall. The top of his head was a shiny, purple bio-gem. Out of the side of his head protruded two ebony horns. He had piercing red eyes and dark lips that wrapped around his glass of wine. He was wearing standard Saiyan armor across his torso. His tail swished angrily behind him.
‘If only this blasted
:iconalucardwesker666:AlucardWesker666 3 11
animated fire by darkmoon3636This is where I save and feature fan art for me, including art of my OCs, gifts, trades, collaborations, fanfictions etc. animated fire by darkmoon3636
Click on pictures to find original artists and sources. :heart:

Icon Scarlett by Mad-Maddie-Art:thumb746595101:
The Dragon Lady by Ocie-Cat Two Icejin Ladies by Galishanal:thumb626128984: Scaly Monster Cosplay by megashadowmew Hugz or whatever by megashadowmew


:iconfrieza-species-ocs: :iconeveryone-and-all: :iconprojectcomment: :icongetwatchers:


Zora Кудерова
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
18+, Slav, I like monsters, aliens, animals & fantasy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (ส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้_ส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้)
avatar by Mad-Maddie-Art
sometimes I use brushes by Coby17 and redheadstock
Do not Repost Stamp by FireFlea-San
animated fire by darkmoon3636Rules animated fire by darkmoon3636 ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
:redalert: by KinnisonArc●Ask for my written permission if you want to repost/share my stuff, or draw my OCs. I do not appreciate my art being reposted even if it is properly sourced. If I wanted my art to be shown there, I would post it there myself!
If you like the artwork support the artist instead of reposting/sharing to other websites and making them want to delete their accounts.

●DO NOT POST OR SEND ME LINKS, this includes Youtube videos. I will block you.
●Please read short descriptions (intros, no need to read the whole thing), If you can't be bothered, then please refrain from commenting.
●Please don’t use the term “Frost" or "Demon" in the comment section of my space lizard art.
●I DO NOT accept private chat with MINORS (I only accept chat via public posts/comments and pms about commissions, trades etc)
●Constructive criticism & feedback is greatly appreciated, people treating their own headcanons & interpretations as a fact are not welcome! My page, my AUs.
●If you have an issue and want to get it off your chest feel free to pm me. My Tumblr accounts allow anons, let me know if I post, comment or share anything mean/'problematic'.
●Don't like? Don't follow.
●I post headcanons, opinions, bad jokes and satire, so don't take anything too seriously!
●Respect my privacy! Don't ask very personal questions, don't make me feel anxious & uncomfortable. I reserve the right to block you at any time if you are rude, threatening, suspicious or creepy.
●I have a life outside the Internet. Please respect the fact that I'm a person that takes care of my own responsibilities. Thank you.

Other accounts
animated fire by darkmoon3636Ko-fi: ((
animated fire by darkmoon3636Facebook: ((…))
animated fire by darkmoon3636Tumblr (fandom/art blog): ((
animated fire by darkmoon3636Tumblr (photography, animals & nature): ((
animated fire by darkmoon3636Tumblr (personal, reblog): ((
animated fire by darkmoon3636Discord: (( - read the rules and post in server > general, if you message me privately I will BLOCK you
animated fire by darkmoon3636The Lord of The Rings Online: ((Evernight (EU), Laurelin and Landroval))

If you see me anywhere else, it's not me. Other ScarletDragon/RedDragon/Whatever accounts are made by other people with similar usernames.

Favorite DA people, some are my friends, some inspire me or post amazing artwork:
:iconssjakuma5: :iconmegashadowmew: :icon4xelicious: :iconteancooki: :iconshadowdemonslade: :iconkreoko: :iconlil-butterfly-777: for points: :icondahub:


The Dragon Lady by Ocie-CatOmg, new fan-art by Ocie-Cat , It's so nice, I'm cryin
Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
(will return the favor by drawing that animu style thingy)
It’s 2018. and we still don’t have live hologram Yu-Gi-Oh! duels in stadiums. Kitty kitty - annoyed 
I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to see an adaptation of Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales etc. But after the giant turd of a disappointment that was The Hobbit, I’m more anxious than excited about TLotR TV Series. Nothing is safe or sacred as long as somebody can make money from it. -.-
This is my reply to Heidi hq 's journal

this one:  Upcoming Site Changes and Your Involvement
About a year and a half ago, we posted a journal discussing how DeviantArt’s acquisition would grant us the resources to make many positive changes for the site.  Thus far, a lot of such improvements haven’t been entirely obvious — like the many new hires across all departments (we've more than doubled our staff!) or upgrades to the tools we use behind-the-scenes.  All of this was done in order to bring you big-ticket changes, including a much-improved and redesigned site.
We've approached the redesign with a lot of consideration, which is why it’s been in development for so long.  Not only do there continue to be lengthy internal conversations discussing every piece and every feature in explicit detail, but we

  • Is there a feature or aspect of DeviantArt that took you a while to understand?
    Nope, the site is very nice and simple to use.

  • What do you find valuable or unique about DeviantArt (the site) or the community?
    Fandoms, the ability to use points as currency/donations, the ability to send gifts, and the fact that reports are reviewed by REAL HUMAN BEINGS (not mindless bots that will block you for mentioning the word "joints" or "Kiki" on Facebook  (Kiki is actual name in my country (Kristijan), FB thinks it's "antisemitic")

I would want a DeviantArt redesign to look more __________.
  1. more like other social media because DA is pretty boring, it's just an art site - log in, upload art, comment, fave, log out, then log into Tumblr/FB/Twitter to actually sh*tpost & interact with people 
  2. We need the ability to post proper status updates with memes/images/videos etc & the option to share other people's art/posts/journals/status updates to our pages & our watcher's watch feeds. DA is boring because we can't s*tpost & share like on other websites and we can't help Friends by sharing their art (unless we mention it in a journal/status update, in that case it loses the original fav/comment options)
  3. We want full control of our art & posts  - we want proper activity log that helps us find and delete cringy posts/comments from 2012., we want the ability to remove our tags, thumb displays, shares and mentions from other people's pages/posts,...also hide our art from Google. I require login to view and my images are visible in Google images. I hate it.
  4. We need a tool that allows us to design our own watermark, change its opacity, change it's size, position & move it across our images via mouse before submitting them, the current DA watermark is pretty bad and I need to create my own in photoshop, I cannot sell prints because I can't protect my images with DA watermark. The DA watermark is useless & it exists to promote the site - not protect our art. Give us the ability to create watermarks that look similar to this  Ziarra Merjin by ScarlettDragon1Lizard Wizard by ScarlettDragon1

  5. update GROUPS and search tool for groups (when you click on 'Add to a group' button you need to know the group's full name to find it. I want drop down menus)
  6. Bring back daily deviations. I miss Daily Deviations being shown at the bottom of every page! I thought it was a great way to promote good-but-not-well-known art. 
  7. New dropdown menus on our profile. We have Profile, Gallery, Prints, Favourites and Journal dropdown menus on our profiles, We need a Commission menu for sharing full commission/art trade/gift art info, and maybe a menu for OCs (own characters) (where we post RP starters,rules, headcanons, OC interviews and bios). I follow OC (own character) artists and it's not easy to find their OC biographies unless we scroll past 10,000 journals and 500 albums. 
  8. Content filters, I don't like fetish stuff, but I don't mind gore/violence and bikini girls. This is why I don't use nsfw content filters, as a result, I keep seeing nasty nsfw stuff on my feed. People should be allowed to post whatever they want if they properly tag it (unless it's harmful i.e. pedophilic or extremely sick/disturbing) and people who don't want to see it need the ability to blacklist stuff they don't want to see. For example I would definitely blacklist tags like # vore  # feet and # skunkfart, but I would never blacklist stuff like # blood and # bikini. Tumblr allows you to hide certain tags, we need something similar on Deviantart, censoring people just because they draw nsfw stuff is not okay & makes ppl leave the site, this is DEVIANTart, not some religious website. This coming from someone who dislikes nsfw/fetish stuff. Let deviants share it, let normal people blacklist it, everyone happy.
  9. Better watch feed -1 click to visit it
  • Listening to: LOTRO soundtrack
  • Reading: friend's fanfic
  • Watching: TV
  • Playing: LOTRO
  • Eating: shrooms
  • Drinking: water
I'm 26€ in debt so I'm opening quick and cheap "half body" commissions. If you're not interested please share the journal if you can/want to help me <3

Prices 6 - 7 €

Type: half body, full color

Will draw: Anything humanoid. (If I'm given a character with a very complex design, I may add up to an additional €€ to the cost) If you want to know if your character would be complex, just note me about it)

Paypal: invoice, digital goods
I only accept payment when I'm finished drawing so you don't need to worry about asking for refunds if I'm not able to finish your commission.

// by ScarlettDragon1Active watchers - ssjakuma5 by ScarlettDragon1

Ziarra by ScarlettDragon1Commission info by ScarlettDragon1 


Also I updated my journals for resources (DMCa takedown requests, how to remove your images from Google search, cool programs, fun websites, AIs that color your sketches etc: 
  • Listening to: LOTRO soundtrack
  • Reading: friend's fanfic
  • Watching: TV
  • Playing: LOTRO
  • Eating: candy
  • Drinking: water

Journal for all commission (1.1.), art-trade (1.2.), gift (1.3.), request (1.4.), adoptable (1.5.) and auction (1.6.) info. Please read before PMing me.

 This journal is updated from time to time. 


Half Body
Commission info by ScarlettDragon1

1. Line-art 
2. Flat colors (incomplete, has slight shading on shiny parts (hair, gems) if it's commission) 
3. Cell shading
4. Cell shading (detailed)
5. anime screenshot style (simple background)
6. Cell shading + simple background (this one is lazy but it can be stars, hearts and other patterns)

Full Body
Hzthzthz by ScarlettDragon1Ziarra Merjin by ScarlettDragon1
1. Line-art
2. Flat colors (incomplete, if it's a commission I add shading & lightning on hair or gems (see 4))
3. Cell shading 
4. Flat colors 


Iney by ScarlettDragon1

Mature Content

Stay back by ScarlettDragon1
// by ScarlettDragon1Nola by ScarlettDragon1tf by ScarlettDragon1

Ziarra by ScarlettDragon1Tiem to maek donutz by ScarlettDragon1Received some anon h8 by ScarlettDragon1Active watchers - ssjakuma5 by ScarlettDragon1

1.1.  Commissions Ivypool icon 

  • -Paypal (invoice, digital goods - that means you need to give me your Paypal e-mail and allow me to create an invoice for digital goods via my business Paypal account)
  • -NO points
  • -I accept Own Characters (OCs)
  • -can draw nsfw stuff, but there are some things I refuse to draw (for example: nsfw pics of characters that are mentally and/or physically children), you can use anon to ask me about my NO-NOs on my art blog ( or pm me. 
  • won't draw complex/detailed backgrounds, buildings, machines
  • ((I will accept point commissions and draw detailed backgrounds when I buy a better tablet))

  • -Please send me pics/detailed descriptions for OCs. OC characters must have at least one visual reference!! Give picture references as much as possible!!! I can't read minds!!

  • And I need to know your character's story/personality! I don't want to draw them with wrong body language and/or out-of-character expression! Information about the character's attitude will help me draw better and capture his/her essence.

References can be: 
  • 1. description - describe them in detail
  • 2. pictures
    a) pics of your character (artwork, doodle, sketch, trace, edit, bad phone camera pic of traditional art, anything)
    b) screenshot or Google image (i.e.: I want him/her to wear this dress *pic of dress found in Google images* I want this body type/pose *Another google image pic*) I want this color (*shades of red pic*)

  • Images need to be in your DA gallery or your Stash (https), I'm not clicking on unknown links, I want to avoid scam websites and malware (if you're not on DA send it to me via chat, DO NOT SEND ME LINKS)
  • Warning sign  :redalert: Warning sign 


(These are general/base prices and are cat planet subject to change when actually discussing the commissionscat planet , discount is for friends and active watchers only, I will only accept payment via Paypal, preferably in EUR)

  • Flat colors 
  • half body: 7,5
  • full body: 10

  • Cell shading (any type)
  • half body: 15
  • full body: 20

  • Line-art: 7
  • anime style: (original price) +2
  • simple background: free
  • additional character: +7 (full body), +5 (half body)
  • nsfw: 50 because I'm not into it
  • ref sheets and comics: 50

If what you want doesn't easily fit into any of the above categories, simply ask me about it and we can work out a price.
If I'm given a character with a very "easy" design, it's cheaper. If I'm given a character with a very complex design, I may add up to an additional €€ to the cost. If you want to know if your character would be complex, just note me about it.


  1. Give references (in your DA gallery or your stash, or send them to me directly, I don't accept links)
  2. Be available, I will link you stash pics of unfinished work (sketch, line-art) & ask you to find things you don't like & want changed before it's too late, please tell me If the art isn't progressing as you wanted it to and it isn't fulfilling your expectations or needs. (If you don't reply in 3 days I'll stop drawing)
  3. I will send you tiny, low quality watermarked icon of finished commission as 'the proof', I will send you the full version without watermarks via stash after the payment is received. 
  4. I only accept payment when I'm finished drawing so you don't need to worry about asking for refunds if I'm not able to finish your commission. If I'm not able to finish the commission I'll let you know.
  5. Please download and save it, sometimes I delete pictures from my stash (it doesn't ask you to confirm deletion, 1 click and it's gone -_- )
  6. You need to be 18+ to request nsfw commission
  7. Tell me if you want a transparent background / You may request a certain type of simple background 
  8. I reserve the right to display finished commissions in my gallery (exception made if we both agree to keep the work offline for the sake of privacy) If I share it to my gallery I require login to view and I use watermark! The watermark looks like this: 
character:[your username].DA
artist: [my username].DA
If you don't want me to use watermark in my own gallery, tell me and I won't use it, but don't blame me when people steal your OC for bad Youtube videos or 18+ RPs on forums.


  1. Commissions described here are for your personal use only. That means you can use the work as you want, banners, icons, backgrounds, layouts, RP etc. What you can't do is to claim the artwork as your own, or to sell prints, or any other way to make money and profit out of it, unless you talk to me about it beforehand. 
  2. I retain no rights to the image I create for you, I may show these works in my gallery if I so choose and if you give me permission, but that does not imply my ownership of the work or OC. You are allowed to upload it to your own DA gallery, but credit (for the drawing) must be given by tagging me or linking back to me, and if anyone outside DA asks tell them where you got it, that would be nice of you and that's all I'll ever ask for. 
  3. Line-art is free to color, all I ask is that you give credit to me or tag me when you post it, I'd love to see it.
  4. I only use references you give me, so if something's missing it's not my fault. I reserve the right to cancel the commission at any time if you, for example, send me a ref where your character looks scrawny, I draw them thin and you start complaining that they're supposed to be THICC. Eye Roll either specify a type/pose/whatever or leave it up to me.
  5. If you upload the no-watermark version on the Internet and it gets stolen it's not my fault. Protect your OCs!
  6. Requests, commissions, trades that don't follow the rules (no references, suspicious links) will not be accepted
  7. I reserve the right to cancel the commission at any time if you are rude, threatening, suspicious or unreasonable.  
  8. I retain the right to turn down any commission I don't feel comfortable with.
  9. If you find that you are unable to make payments and wish to cancel the commission then you may do so, I'll stop drawing, delete the art or turn it into something else 
  10. After receiving the final piece there is no option to refund.
  11. By commissioning me you accept and confirm that you have read the terms and conditions, that you understand them and that you agree to follow them

If you're interested, please send me a message with the following form filled out:

  • Your username:
  • Type: (i.e. flat color, full body)
  • Character Name:
  • Character Reference: (link/s to images in your gallery or your stash, can be poses, colors)
  • Personality:
  • Expression/Pose: 
  • Modifications: (If there are any changes you would like)
  • Simple Background: (If yes, please either specify a type or leave it up to me)
  • Extras: (Any additional information you'd like me to know)
  • Do you confirm that you have read the terms and conditions, that you understand them and that you agree to follow them? (yes/no)

1.2. Art Trade Kawaii fox blue sky ver. 

-when two artists exchange drawings
-give references 
-I will ask you to draw one of my OCs, I don't want perfect 100% correct masterpiece I just want to see them in another artist's style 
-take however long you need to draw. Don't ever feel pressured. 
-tag me (icon and @ tag)
-please resize to 400 pixels wide, require login to view and use big watermark if you want to share a picture of my OC in your gallery:
character:[my username].DA
 artist: [your username].DA
-I will feature the artwork on my profile (Favourites widget description)

1.3. Requests F2U AVATAR | #722 Rowlet (shiny + blinking) 

-Free requests need to be about my own OCs or official characters
-I will accept requests about other people's OCs if
a) they're my friend 
b) It's a picture of our OCs interacting or RP/headcanon stuff about our OCs
c) they're my Active/Top watcher - top watchers will be featured on my profile and they can request (If they want) cartoony fake screenshot thing of their OC with simple background for free. Top watchers are people who support me (comments, favorites, but mostly comments), help me grow (by sharing my journals, featuring and mentioning me, giving me ideas, critique or inspiration), or donate (core, 300+ points, ko-fi) if your username keeps appearing in my notifications I will notice you.
d) they donated on Ko-fi (don't forget to include your username and website in the message box, I need it to contact you)

1.4. Gifts Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
More Ziarra by ScarlettDragon1

-I love gifts but please ask me for permission to draw my OCs if you can (I'm an anxious mess, blame the OC thieves)
-If you want to surprise me require login to view, resize it to 400 pixels wide and use big watermark if you're sharing it in your gallery:
character:[my username].DA
 artist: [your username].DA
(you can always link me the full, clear version via stash)

1.5. Adoptables [$] Cesslier Icon 

-you can request new adoptable theme or give me ideas for new adoptable sheet (+1 Free adopt)
-can be Paypal or Points  


What you CAN do with the character :
- Use it as avatar / icon.
- Use it as your persona
- Choose whether they’re female or male/genderbend 
- Create a history and personality 
- Create a family, ship it
- Create new forms 
- Use it for roleplaying / stories.
- Change details of the design according to your liking (e.g. you like a design, but not the eye color, you can change that of course)
- Personal/private use only

What you CAN NOT do with the character :

- Use it for commercial purposes (e.g. use it as character in a comic you wanna publish, sell prints of it, etc.)
- Re-sell it.
- Claim the design was done by you.

If anyone asks tell them where you got it, that's all I'll ever ask for.
And If you make new art of them, story, personality etc pls let me know (if you want of course) I would love to see them grow

1.6. Auction Butterfly 

-I create a pose, upload it to my gallery, set price, ppl bid, highest bidder wins and I draw their OCs in that pose.
  • Do not bid if you can't afford it!
  • PayPal invoices only!
  • Reply to the last highest bidder to avoid confusion!
  • I upload sketches, so mistakes will always be fixed up once bought for the final image.
  • Apparent genders, body types, face shapes, etc. can be changed upon request. 
  • Disclaimer and rules are same as commission rules

  • Set Price: ???
    Slot Limit: ???
If you're interested, please comment or send me a note with the following form filled out:
  • Username:
  • Character Names:
  • Character References: (images in your gallery or your stash, can be poses, colors)
  • Personalities:
  • Expressions: (What kind of expressions for each character?)
  • Modifications: (If there are any changes you would like for the pose, body types, genders, etc.)
  • Simple Background: (If yes, please either specify a type or leave it up to me.)
  • Extras: (Any additional information you'd like me to know.)
  • Do you confirm that you have read the terms and conditions, that you understand them and that you agree to follow them? (yes/no)

  • Listening to: The Witcher soundtrack
  • Reading: The Silmarillion
  • Watching: TV
  • Playing: LOTRO
  • Eating: crabs
  • Drinking: tea


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