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Project Brief 2- movie poster- Wizard of Oz

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Class Brief:

Take a movie, transform it into something different. Design a masthead, poster, brochure, and other promotional piece (I decided on a trailer webpage).

Theme: Oz is now more about the men, than Dorothy. The poster symoblizes the Scarecrow (brain) Tin Man (heart) and Lion (spine).

New Synopsis:
The Wizard of Oz is a dark, wicked tale remake of the 1939 original. The Great and Power Oz is a myth, a legend, in the city of Emerald. Everyone knows someone who has been hunted by him, everyone knows someone that could be him.
Dorothy Gale arrives in Emerald after falling asleep on the bus and missing her stop and after a while realises that there is something very unusual and unsafe about the city. The only way she can get a ticket home is to buy one off Oz, the man who runs the black market, alone and in secret.
On the way she meets Mr Scarecrow, Mr Tin Man and Mr Lion who all need something from the wizard.

Those glass tubes were a bastard to make, especially with so many shitty Photoshop glass tutorials out there. But I did it! Oh yes my pretties, I did.

Stock used from DA:

:iconinvent-71: :iconresurgere: :icondeadenddoll-stock: :iconabsurdwordpreferred: :iconshochinbugstock:

*Edit: Wow thanks everyones for your comments + :+fav:'s! It seems this is my most popular deviation. I really appreciate the support :) I have decided to deploy 'project novel-oz' and write it. Don't know if it'll be any good! But if it reads as well as the poster looks then I think we're all good to go!

*2nd Edit: Daily Deviation! I am so honoured!! I can't tell you how grateful I am :)

If you want to see the rest of the project completed (including brochure etc) please check it out my website [link]
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LOOL I love the backbone xD Very clever 
Brilliant-Steampunk's avatar
I would, without a doubt in my mind, go see this movie!
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Is this a real book?
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Very good... but I think the space in between the brain and the others is a little odd... although I guess that goes to show that the wizard couldn't give Dorothy what she wanted out of a glass tube? Cool story line but I like L. Frank Baum's the best
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I suspect Mister Baum would strongly approve.
MancatDesign's avatar
This is wickedly cool! I would watch it.
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The the Courier barges in and finds that its only the think tank with his brain, heart, and spine!
Come on why has no one said this? that whole mission was based of the Wizard of oz.
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I like it:


Scarecrow: Brain (easy)

Tin Man: Heart (easy)

Lion: Spine aka courage (very clever. took me a

second to guess)


well done, this would be a fun film to see. I wonder

who would be cast.

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Inspired! amazing piece of art and love the story behind it, great re imagining.
DragonWitch1469's avatar
Its kind of...............creepy.
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WOW! This is so awesome!
LottieDance's avatar
OMG I really want to see the rest of the project, but I can't find it on your website D:
SeverelyLupine's avatar
That is way, way cool. Love the concept, love the execution. I would so totally see a movie based on nothing but this poster. The only thing I would change is that I'd have left the pelvis out, so it's just the spine.
LukeMill's avatar
I love this. Such a good concept.
TimothyMably's avatar
Just rewatched the movie! Forgot how much I loved it. I see what you did there with backbone :)
Akatix's avatar
This right here is brilliance! Before i read the artist comments I completely believed that it was a legitimate movie coming up, and i immediately thought "I NEED to see this!" Well done.
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OMG! What is it?
codycreed's avatar
i don't know but i like this design :)
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OMFG!! Only one word: LOL!
RingosGirl64's avatar
OH MY DEAR LORD O.O... I love this! :D
ckenyon1964's avatar
I just peed in my pants a little. Genius.
AntonyC's avatar
Did I not comment on this work of genius?

You're a great artist!
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