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Steampunk Rainbow Dash

I'll be honest I know very little about anything steampunk or steampunk fashion, but I saw this bag yesterday with a steampunkish RD on it and had to draw this. The original one is more simplified and has a lot less going on to fit the show style of course though.
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Wellp... this is the best Steampunk Rainbow Dash I've ever seen. 😐 I don't care what you say this is the best one.😃
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what others Steampunk Rainbow Dashs have you seen
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I've seen a few here and there but this one is definitely without a doubt the best Steampunk Rainbow Dash by far. Great job work ^-^ 11/10
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This is 20% cooler ;)

Joking aside..being a fan of RD and Steampunk, this picture caught my eye. Loving the detail in her wings..very nicely done :)
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Nicely done Scarlet. ^^
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Oooo, really nice. =3
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Frigging awesomeness! :clap: I approve of this one hundred percent :D
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I love Steampunk!
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The colors are gorgeous!! I love the shading and highlights ;w;
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