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Friendship Games Midnight Sparkle

Link to the movie! yay! xD…

Aaaand the speedpaint video:…

Just finished it fw hours ago, it was great :D ahhh that last scene near the end with sunset and twilight was epic seriously *----* i HAD to do some fanart of atleast twilight and hopefully i'll get around to drawing sunset shimmer as well. fhgagjdsfjds hope you like the drawing tho and you guys should totally go watch the movie. well, not sure why you'd click on this before watching anyway with the obvious spoilers and all lol but still xD

( looked a little closer on the screenshots of the movie I took for reference, and now just realizing that I'm pretty sure the "tail" I drew is actually and extended part of twilys skirt. WHOOPS. xD Looks like a tail at first glance though, and I'm pretty sure I was kinda influenced by sunset shimmers tail in my past is not today, since this and that are pretty similar. ;-; )
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HellFire played when I got to this pic! XD
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I like the expression on her face La la la la La la la la La la la la 
Beautiful !!! Clap Clap Clap 
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Woah... this looks awesome. She looks like she didn't want this at all.
Great display of emotion here. XD
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Cool, but not as badass as the Animated.
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This one is Badass.
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so very awesome :)
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x3 this must be twilights sparkles real human counter part in that world ? since the real twilight sparkle didn't came back the one from ponyvile but it looks great acutely
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This is AWSOME GIF Gravity Falls - Celestabellebethabelle 
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i think hers was not her choice though so i dont find it like sunset shimmer at all XD
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So, did she choose to become evil, or was it out of her choice?
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I believe she was corrupted.
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So...she couldn't control herself is what you are saying?  Cuz she said some pretty horrible things when she became a demon like destroying the human world to pursue research and stuff like that.
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Yep. I believe she couldn't. It's like the opposite of how Demon Sunset came to be. Sunset turned into an demon by choice, while Twilight didn't mean for what happened to happen. She said so herself.
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Yeah. Principal Cinch manipulated her into releasing all the magic, and when it was sucking her in she was clearly resisting. Midnight Sparkle was corrupted with power, but Twilight herself wouldn't have wanted to end up that way.
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Dude, spoilers. Some of us are waiting for the dvd D:
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Indeed. She seems really uncomfortable.
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Kind of like how Sunset was when she transformed into Demon Sunset.
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