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From the new episode, which was a good spike episode surprisingly. And more dragons, I LOVE dragons :D
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not baddaaaa 

do art trae or request meh now
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Wow, this is gorgeous. Beautiful job!
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I saw a few people saying already that it's a "good Spike episode".
Bronies suddenly liking a Spike episode?! *gasp* What has become of the world?
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True, I was shocked too
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It's all Discord's work! Discord, I tell you!
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Damn you Discord!!!
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Really nice portrayal of her.

She's very cute
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Who else ships ember with spike?
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I wish I had seen this episode. She looks great. Great job.
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heehe, figured it wouldn't take long for fan art of her popping up around here. ^.^ I really love her character design, I was pretty impressed with the recent episode, it didn't feel like MLP, but it did involve MLP characters. ^^
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My fave character yet! She is so pretty!
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yas finally art of ember ^^
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