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Drinking Buddies [C]

For :iconapfelpony: :)
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Now I kinda want to see how Applejack is like when she's drunk <3
TheBipedalVisitor's avatar
A scene that eloquently encapsulates the euphoria from simple pleasures.
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Dayum there are a lot of words i dont understand :D
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"Wow! That blank white screen looks really interesting!" xD
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Omfg, this is great 
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this picture is a lie I don't drink alcohol >~>
FenrisHati's avatar
well i guess you do drink.
Apfelpony's avatar
Yeah, we decided differently XD Or you passed out from Apple Juice.
FenrisHati's avatar
Fantastic, getting drunk und seeing how yak passes out, its just perfect.
Apfelpony's avatar
Thanks! This is so good :D
AkabaneYumi's avatar
beautiful and funnyWink/Razz Clap 
Ashf1re's avatar
lol this is amazing
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