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Button Mash and Sweetie Belle

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Can you make a picture of button and sweetie belle dressed up like princess belle and prince Adam saying "I'm princess sweetie belle and I'm prince button you must bow when you speak to us" and rumble is the knight in shining armor

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Awe, I love this ship (As long as it stays sfw since they are kids) <3 
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Very cute!! <3
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Button Mash you adorable charmer!
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Cuteness overload!
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aww!! they look so cute together! I ship it! <3
btw, love the shading technique :D 
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That's so sweet!!!
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Aw, little Sweetie Belle is all grown up and already dating stallions.
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Awwww... Make the fan kid. PLEASE!!!! :3
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How... would a pony use a directional pad? O.o

Other than that, nice work!
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Cuteness is overflowing C:
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This is just too darn cute! Heart 
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Awwwwww!! So cute. ^w^
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