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Aw, I just love her design!
Im quite happy how she came out, as her design is simple yet suits her quite well.
I espeicially cant wait to evolve her to her final form which will be an Ursaring/Samurott <3333

Pokemon: Teddiursa/Oshawott Crossbreed
Name: Emily
Gender: Male
Hatch Date: 7/8/2014
Clutch Sheet:…
Level: 100 (4 extra)
Started Base Attack: 5%
Current Base Attack: 25%
Desired Moves: Blizzard, Aqua Tail, Thrash, Snore, Hammer Arm, Hyper Beam
Tackle (starter)
Covet (starter)
Hydro Pump
Level Up Log:
7/8/2014: Clutch Sheet… Full Body +2, Simple Background +1, Shading +2
7/8/2014: First Form Reference Sheet (
Full Body +2, Shading +2
7/9/2014: Gift Levels… +2
7/9/2014: Gift Levels… +2
7/9/2014: She Tried…

Full body x2, Shading x2, Simple BG x2 = 10 levels--
7/11/2014: Gift Levels… +2
7/11/2014:… +2
7/11/2014: Secondary Form Reference Sheet Full Body +2, Shading +2
7/11/2014: Evolution… Full Body +2, Shading +2, Background +1(?)
8/1/2014: chickie nuggets is like my family… +65
8/1/2014: Final Form Reference Sheet (you are here) Full Body +2 Shading +2
Breeding Status: OPEN

-Emily is a hippie child, and tends to go where the wind takes her
-Shes very motherly and kind to other Pokemon
-Shes a cuddler
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