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I wanted to get this done for awhile, as Emily is in need for evolving, but I had to fix one of my clutches as well as finish ref sheets (I still have two more to do x-x)
So here ya go: A Dewott Ursangring cross!
The background was a real butt to make when I tried making it on my own, but then I found some brushes to get it done~

When the time comes, should I boost Emily up to a Samurott/Ursaring cross?
Shes already pretty badass looking in the first place, and the only changes she would have is a different tail as well as the armor and horns a Samurott has

Full Body +2, Shading +2, Background +1(?) (should this be considered detailed or simple?)

All brushes belong to their rightful owners and I make no claim to them
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Hey sweetie! Evolutions, like moves, require two images! So You'll need to include Emily's current form into the picture for this to count ;w;