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Little One {TWWM Lightbox- Neph}

Another Lightbox for my Forest bb Nephele, and this time with a lil deer babe! <33
For the Young Wildlife prompt (August 2020), Neph enjoys using her elemental to play with baby animals and intrigue them, run around, play, etc



AP Base Score:
5 AP {Flat Color Illustration}
+5 AP {Full Body}
+5 AP {Personal Work Bonus}
+10 AP {Simple/Vignette BG Bonus}
+5 AP {Elemental Bonus}
+10 AP {Monthly Prompt Bonus}

Total AP per submission: 40

GP Base Score:
2 GP {Flat Color}
+2 GP {Full Body}
+4 GP {Simple/Vignette BG Bonus}
+5 GP {Elemental Bonus}
+1 GP {Monthly Prompt Bonus}

Total GP for submission: 14


Art to Me
OC to Me
Esk are an original species created by witherlings

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That's gorgeous! These coffee colours look so great! You also did the depth really well

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Ahhh thank you so much, that means a lot! <33

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Your lightbox art pieces are gorgeous! Holy cow! <3

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Ahhhhh tysm! ;w;