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Usually the former Headmaster and potions master HATED all major holidays.
January had nothing of significance worth worrying about...
At least not enough to be interrogated over during mealtime or interrupting
their already brief class-time...
No the little pauses in the day in which he managed to catch the eye of his betrothed

February would be different.
Though part of him craved the various insides of the chocolate assortment; Snape would never endanger his reputation by stepping foot in the cheerful candy confectionary establishment.
Catching sight of himself in a reflective surface he nearly gave way to a smile.
Severus heart felt as if it gave an extra beat of joy each time she came into view...
Hermoine had adapted his wardrobe style.
Even with the darker, almost overcast shades, her movements were light and airy as any butterfly.
She made herself useful by tending to random annoying tasks: like wiping down the first year cauldrons and
rewriting older potion labels...
The calendar had been updated -
March 14?!
Where did the time go?!
Hurriedly managing to find - by a corner of the southeast garden - an impressive bouquet of roses.
They had ignored the cantankerous weather; producing sizable pink blooms.
But they would have to do.
Wrapping the offering in a green handkerchief, Severus hardly noticed the thorns.
He'd have to hurry!
The effort and confrontation made his pale features as scarlet as he had wished the offering would have been...
If they had been on time!
At full gallop when rounding the corner, the edges of Snape's cape, could not have stopped all at once, any faster unless it had been -
And it was.
Hermoine was taking deep breaths though eaither composing herself or otherwise from a dry sprint from her original destination.
Though for both, neither were too far from the truth.
He clutched the flowers protectively behind his back; almost embarrressed to be "caught"...
Yet she was blushing too...
It was then he noticed she also had her  body in contort
"Sorry I'm so late... Just stuff and - the time change and Spring and well..."
Producing a heart shaped box, which he recognized as a muggle Valentine.
So she had forgotten as well!
"In Japan they celebrate the fourteenth of March as kind of an extra Valentines Day. Each chocolate has several kinds of meanings. I didn't have time to make cookies but ..."
He blushed even brighter.
There was little worry about that meaning.
As were the roses.
Fresh, beautiful and yet perfect.
Finally sharing a smile and even a kiss.
It may not have been Spring - yet - but love was defiantly in the air!
Sometimes the greatest reason - based on finding my favorite chocolate in the freezer and the very talented piece of…
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Aww.... that was sweet, just like Hermoine's chocolate! :-) They definitely need to have their moments together, and I can totally see them doing that together :-)