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Scarlet's Villager ID-For PE! by ScarletNekolita Scarlet's Villager ID-For PE! by ScarletNekolita
This is for Porter Express ♥ (Changed bits of her bio to suit PE better ♥)

(Info Updated-March 2018)

name 》
 Scarlet W. Royale

age 》

gender 》

type 》
 Snooty ♥

species 》
 Maned Wolf

occupation 》 Proud Owner and Bartender or the Cloud Nine lounge!

hobbies 》
 making new outfits, window shopping, watching the latest trends evolve, writing, reading, drawing, having crushes, small talk, gossiping, bug hoarding

personality 》
    Scarlet prides herself in being chic, sassy and fabulous! Although she can be sarcastic or even stubborn at first, she enjoys talking to any strangers she meets and is open to becoming acquaintances with anyone who can strike up interesting conversation, especially if gossip is involved! She may not look like it, but she's actually very studious, and is often seen reading up on new topics while sipping on vanilla-infused coffee. She tends to speak with a flirtatious air around her, and often refers to those around her with terms of endearment. (Sweetie, honey, darling) Even though she may try to keep a strong, self-centered attitude about her, she does have a sensitive side, and likes to indulge her inner delicate, emotional nature by writing poetry about her feelings and thoughts; she is an avid diary keeper and has even written romance novels before centered around her own wishes to be in love. She has a terrible habit of falling in love irresponsibly, and is almost addicted to the feeling of having a crush ♥ There's also a more childish side of her that adores cute things like bows, pastel colours and fluffy dresses~

history 》
    Scarlet grew up in a strict household, and, since she was little, she learned that she would grow up to marry the son of another high-class family, to improve the status of her own folks. When her younger sisters were able to go to school with other children, Scarlet was forced to stay by herself at home and had to take "socialite" lessons; she had to learn how to walk "right", talk "right", speak "right" and even wave "right"! She didn't find much to complain about when she was little, since she knew not every child had the opportunity to grow up in a lavish lifestyle, but as she grew up and started developing a personality of her own, she realized she didn't want to live like them. She wanted to be free, to talk to whoever regardless of social class, to dress how she wanted and to choose who she wanted to love! To temporarily escape from all the strain and stress, she would binge read romance novels in between lessons, and filled her mind with fantasies of actually falling in love with someone. When she had more time to herself, she would lose herself in the arts, and would either write her own stories of love or even attempt to draw what she believed the main characters in her books looked like.
        Of course, she didn't hate everything about how she was raised. The one rare thing that made her happy was the social events her family would go to. She loved seeing all of the elegant suits and gorgeous gowns that the guests would wear and overhearing the conversations the adults would have around her. She often tried to guess what the person would say next and imagined the gossip as stories she would read in her favourite novels. Whenever her mother would order a new dress for an event, Scarlet would ask to watch the seamstresses or tailors work on the outfits and even practised sewing with the extra fabric and thread behind her parent's back. With a few years of practice, she started noticing what styles she liked best and began to make her own outfits to wear on 

        The closer and closer her eventual wedding came, however, she grew rebellious and started skipping her lessons and refusing to conform to the silent, trophy-wife future she was planned to have. The day they began showing her wedding dresses, she decided she had had enough. She quickly grabbed whatever she could fit into a single bag, including a portion of the family money, put on her favourite scarf that she sewed herself, and ran away. For a couple of years, she spent her life exploring new cities and discovering both who she was and what the world outside of her little bubble was like.  She would talk for hours with strangers at train stations and be fascinated with whatever her next destination would teach her. 

        After exploring for a while, she felt she needed something else in her life... she remembered all the stories of love she would read when she was little and thought it was the time she made a life for herself. Maybe moving into a new town would give her the blank page she could write her own story of life on. ♥


♥ Exploring Styles/Trends and weird Aesthetics
♥ Flowers
♥ The arts
♥ Books
♥ The taste of french vanilla
♥ Studying new things
♥ Lo-fi hip hop
♥ Meeting new people
♥ The feeling of being in love
♥ Magical girl anime
♥ Winter
♥ Halloween

♥ Olives
♥ Whiny people
♥ Spoiled brats
♥ The colour mustard
♥ Math
♥ Heights
♥ Bitter foods
♥ Being ignored
♥ Storms

trivia 》
  • She's left-handed ♥
  • Favourite genres of books include: horror, romance and noir  
  • Though she is embarrassed by it, she sometimes imagines herself being a spoken-word poet
  • She's a teeny five feet and four inches tall (teeny in comparison to her species) but her personality makes up for her lack in height!
  • She has astigmatism, so she needs glasses to read and write for a long period of time. Even though she can see without them for a while, eventually the strain on her eyes gives her a headache.
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