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Raul Dulzura by ScarletNekolita Raul Dulzura by ScarletNekolita
Another Character ID for Porter Express!! 

"Ay, querida..."

name 》 Raul Manuel Dulzura Ramirez, Belleza, Cortes, Serrano, Lourdes, Tolledo, Angel, Rodrigo, Fernandez, De la Cruz... (etc)
age 》
gender 》 Male
type 》 Lazy
species 》 Lovebird

occupation 》 Unemployed, but already claims to be the town loverboy
hobbies 》 Singing, playing the guitar, writing love songs, taking naps in the sun, dancing with your girl

personality 》
Raul is a very charming and affectionate bird who's main source of happiness is seeing the happiness of others. Unfortunately he's also a terrible flirt, and he prides himself in being a bit of a "playboy". He throws out compliments left and right, and will always try to woo those around him in hopes to add to his list of girlfriends. Of course, these romances never last for long, since most girls that do stick around quickly find out he's a bit of a manchild and is deathly afraid of commitment and responsibility. But instead of being heartbroken and changing his ways, he simply shrugs it off and goes after another "love of his life".
history 》
Raul was born to Miguel and Bellinda Dulzura, and is child number three out of twelve. They all grew up in a sweet community, and he was taught as a young hatchling the importance of music and love. When he was old enough to go into town without holding his mother's wing, he remembers her looking at him with those silver eyes of hers that looked like the colour of rain clouds, and he remembers the words of wisdom she told him. "Now you listen here, Raulito" she'd say with a voice laced with kindness, "there are many, many treasures in this world. Money, jewels, fame. But the only treasure that will last forever, is love." With those words in his heart, he sought out this everlasting treasure, and he found it. Or so he thought. What his mother didn't explain to him was that love was supposed to be treated like a priceless treasure too, and not hoarded. At the age of ten Raul had already gotten caught cheating on his first ever girlfriend, Lucia (whom he "dated" since he was five), with the daughter of the clerk at the fish market, Raquel (whom he dated for only five minutes when Lucia found him "proposing" to her). This wouldn't be the last time he'd get in trouble with the ladies, and his father, a big strong bird with a cracked beak, would try to correct his ways and explain that a true man doesn't hurt a woman's heart, but Raul wouldn't listen. He continued his foolishness for years, despite his father's pleas to actually get a job and marry. It wasn't until he got caught writing a song ot woo his eldest brother Miguelito's wife, however, that he first got into trouble. His brother promised him that if he didn't sort out his ways in one month, he'd beat him up on the behalf of all the fathers of the girls he had messed with. Which, at this point, was almost all the girls in the town. All at once his happy-go-lucky life began to crumble around him, and any attempts at wooing another girl would immediately be ruined thanks to the chismosas who warned every new lady they saw.  With time running out and his "loverboy" ways in danger of finishing, Raul remembered a certain "rojita" who had passed by that town, only for a moment. She had told him that she was seeking for a place where she would belong and that she had heard of a town that was blooming beautifully. With a newfound hope, he packed a small bag with some things, a portrait of his family, his guitar and his father's hat, and set off to the town the lovely rojita mentioned... Alstroemeria.

♥ The beautiful women
♥ Sweet talking
♥ Mangos
♥ Meeting new people
♥ The smell of the ocean
♥ Poetry

☻ People making fun of his accent
☻Being told to "get a job"
☻ Wearing a shirt properly
☻ Commitment
☻ Roughhousing (Lover not a fighter)
☻ Clingy people (especially ex-girlfriends)
☻ Being told "I have a boyfriend"
☻ Meeting said boyfriend

trivia 》
  • Spanish is his first language so he has a pretty thick accent and often sprinkles in Spanish words when he doesn't remember their English counterparts
  • He's awful at names so he relies on nicknames instead
  • He can use his feet like hands
  • Despite his loverboy ways, when it comes to his sisters he won't tolerate anyone fooling around with their hearts, and he gets very angry if someone messes with someone he cares about.
  • He's 5'6'' tall and was born on International Kissing Day! (How fitting)
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