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Muv-Luv Alternative: Eternal Liberation - Ch. 1
"The sun, the moon, and the stars
would have disappeared long ago... had they
happened to be in the rich of predatory human hands."

- Havelock Ellis
"The needs of our nations were greater than Earth could supply." Nick Reyes said as the planet Earth was shown, as was shown. From the planet exits an unnmarked Raven. "So we went beyond the reaches of our atmosphere. The new frontier offered the promise of a new beginning..." Continued Reyes as the red planet, Mars, was shown, with lights being on at the red surface. "...but the distance gave way to a movement, with no connection to the planet we call home. New rules, new ambitions, a new enemy." Reyes narrated as, from the dark side of Mars, came out three destroyers, their hulls painted in gray, and three corvettes, their hulls painted in white with a few red stripes, flying towards a spaceport, linked to the Martian surface by a space elevator.
"The BETAs found in the Moon amassed a horde and broke away from the Moon and into th
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Scarletverse Profile: Borealis Norsoutha
Name: Borealis Mir Norsoutha
Nicknames: "Atlas", Ritter One
Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; October 14
Family/Relatives: Daladier Alexander Norsoutha (grandfather), Lucresia Norsoutha (grandmother), Charles Lee Norsoutha (father), Maria Norsoutha (mother), Andromeda Norsoutha (sister), Aurora Norsoutha (twin sister), Starlight Norsoutha (sister), Twilight Norsoutha (sister), Australis Norsoutha (sister), Paul Norsoutha (mother's first cousin)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Japanese American (Asian American)
Hair Color: Dark Blue with White and Light Blue streaks
Eye Color: Aurora Blue
Skin Color: White
Special Features: Soft, Feminine Appearance
Affiliation: Depends on what the Mod says
Rank: Depends on what the Mod says; Commander
Weapons: Depends on what the Mod says; M4A1, XM8 (officially the M8A1), Smith & Wesson .500, M1911
Attire: Depends on what the Mod says; Combat Outfit (Kevlar
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Perenova by ScarletMarine Perenova :iconscarletmarine:ScarletMarine 0 0
Der Hellfailuere
Adolf Hitler, Der Fuhrer das Deutschen Dritten Reich and Der Fuhrer das Grossdeutschen Reich, finds himself in a mysterious place. Then, he saw mysterious persons, clad in black leather, approaching him. "Who zhe fuck are you?!" Der Failuere asked. "I am Pinheard, and you must be Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler." Pinhead replied. "Of course I'm der Fuhrer, shithead!" Hitler hissed back. "More like.... Der Failure Faildolf Shitler." Pinhead replied back before he and the Cenobites made a trollface.
"Ha?" Hitler was confused. "Because you always rage a lot about all kinds of shits, Der Failure." One of the Cenobites said as Der Failure raged. "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS SCHEISSE! YOU CALLED ME A RAGING FAILURE! I MIGHT HAVE TO GAS ALL OF YOU!!!" Hitler then raged as he lets out all his raging glory while Pinhead and the Cenobites trollface smiled. "Even we brought friends of yours." Pinhead said before Otto Gunsche appears.
"Mein Failure, you're in Pinhead and the Cenobites' dimension." Gunsche said a
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"The sun, the moon, and the stars
would have disappeared long ago... had they
happened to be in the rich of predatory human hands."

- Havelock Ellis

"The needs of our nations were greater than Earth could supply." Nick Reyes said as the planet Earth was shown, as was shown. From the planet exits an unnmarked Raven. "So we went beyond the reaches of our atmosphere. The new frontier offered the promise of a new beginning..." Continued Reyes as the red planet, Mars, was shown, with lights being on at the red surface. "...but the distance gave way to a movement, with no connection to the planet we call home. New rules, new ambitions, a new enemy." Reyes narrated as, from the dark side of Mars, came out three destroyers, their hulls painted in gray, and three corvettes, their hulls painted in white with a few red stripes, flying towards a spaceport, linked to the Martian surface by a space elevator.

"The BETAs found in the Moon amassed a horde and broke away from the Moon and into the Earth with devouring hunger. They weren't human. They are aliens of unknown origin. They raid cities, devour humans, and control territories through brute force and wave assaults. They reproduced rapidly to stop us from offensives we need to halt their advance. But the BETAs' invasion and takeover of mainland Eurasia gave way to a movement, with connections to the place we call home. Less rules, less ambitions, a new armed force." The six warships were then joined by two frigates as they flew through the spaceport before turning top right, flying past a squadron of several aerospacecraft fighters.

"The United Nations Interplanetary Expeditionary Force, unofficially referred to as the Interplanetary Security Assistance Forces, built an army and fought the BETAs with courage and determination. They weren't revolutionaries. They want to defeat the BETAs. They guard colonies, clear places of BETAs, and protect territories with valor. They used their fleet to block the BETAs from planets we need to colonize and survive. Their mission was to erase everything BETA born." There, they flew past a supercarrier with two bridges, which activated its reactor. "Today, the UNIPEF/ISAF, and its associates, is a war machine, led by the leader of a military with a nation. For this leader united this force..." Behind the supercarrier are many warships with fighter sections flying past them. "...they would mobilize, and put an end to this thing."

Europa, Jupiter
Solar System
UN-controlled Territory

The unmarked Raven dropship that flew from the Earth was heading towards Europa. "Your mission is to storm the UN black site and steal the prototype weapon, known only as the Retractable Center Weapon. We must capture them and destroy the UNIPEF/ISAF chain of command." An unknown person said to the dropship's pilots and passengers via radio. Inside the unmarked Raven dropship, three soldiers got out of their seats and stood at the side door. "Is everything ready?" Asked a soldier. "Yeah, Michael. Looks like our boss orders us to find that prototype weapon hidden in that UN black site." Replied another soldier. "Come on, Johnson! Us guys from the Refugee Liberation Front got this tech we need to storm the damn site and steal the weapon." A third soldier responded.

"Shut up, Johnson and Williams! Our orders are clear, so you'd better not slack up." Said Michael as all three wore combat attires and helmets that protects them from space. The side door opens as the green light flashes. "GO! GO GO!" Michael said to both Johnson and Williams as the three jumped from the dropship, activating their rigs as they flew in the air before heading towards and landing safely on the ice. "This place is clear, we're moving up." Said Johnson as the three ran across the ice towards an opening. "Me first." Said Michael as he, then Johnson and Williams, fall into it. He saw two soldiers, a UNIPEF soldier in ice/winter MARPAT and a helmet whose gadgets covered his entire face and the other wearing a white spacesuit with black armor and a white helmet, the latter of whom Michael kicked, breaking the helmet and protective covering before stabbing him in the neck. The UNIPEF soldier was knocked down and tried to shoot but was killed by Johnson.

"SetDef? What the hell is the Settlement Defense Front doing here?! I thought they were guarding colonies and settlements!?" Williams remarked, noticing that an SDF soldier was present, as he and his colleagues advanced. "Looks like SetDef is assisting in the handover of captured and pacified BETAs or something." Replied Michael as they navigated their way in the icy tunnel, where they saw a flare as Johnson jumped towards another unsuspecting SDF soldier, who heard the commotion and went to check, and killed him before he could even fire. "Hey, Shaun. SetDef's soldiers were present in Europa. Inform the boss of this." Said Michael to Shaun, the RLF pilot of the unmarked Raven. "Roger. I'll inform the boss of their presence." Replied Shaun. The three RLF commandos moved up as they reached the exit, discovering that the entrance to the UN black site was guarded by several SDF, UN Coast Guard, and UNIPEF soldiers.

"There's four soldiers above and nine in front. Take out one of the guys, the other guys on the roof are mine." Michael ordered, and the three shot all four soldiers above the entrance, alerting the other guards in front of the entrance. "ENEMY IN THE PERIMETER!" A SetDef soldier yelled as he and his colleagues open fire. However, Michael, Johnson, and Williams eliminated the nine guards protecting the entrance, allowing the three to enter the facility. The RLF commandos went done one ladder and noticed a group of eight soldiers below, and three of the soldiers in ice/winter MARPAT, ACU, and Flektarn combat attires had a black-white-red version of the flag of Belka. "Looks like the whole facility's relaxing. Williams, throw a Seeker grenade at them." Michael told Williams, who pulled out a Seeker and throws it at the guards.

"What is tha- OH SCHEISSE! GET IT OFF ME!" One of the "Belkan" soldiers screamed as he tried to get the Seeker off of him, but the Seeker detonates, killing five but leaving three injured. "What the hell happened to the guards!?" The last "Belkan" soldier asked as he and his two comrades were killed by the three RLF commandos, who then went down the caseladder and entered the pressurization room, where Williams closed the door, allowing oxygen to pressurize the chamber. "Let's give them a proper welcome for those fools." Said Williams as Johnson slowly opens the other door, allowing Michael to throw an Anti-Gravity grenade out. Johnson kicked the door as three more "Belkan" soldiers, who were sent to investigate the source of gunfire and explosion, were caught in the Anti-Gravity grenade's radius, lifting the three soldiers.

"Kill those Novayans!" Said Michael as the three commandos eliminated the three Novayan soldiers sent to investigate, but a few scientists saw what happened as they exited the changing room they're at, one of the scientists running into another room where other scientists are performing. A UNIPEF soldier guarding that room left to stop the RLF infiltrators only to get shot in the face, causing the other scientists to run away as three soldiers - a UNIPEF soldier, an SDF soldier, and a soldier whose flag patch is white with two gold rectangles and a red silhouette of a griffon with gold ornaments at the center - provided covering fire for the scientists, but the RLF commandos eliminated the three covering the scientists' escape. "Isn't that white-gold-red flag the Saderan flag?" Asked Johnson as the three went down and turned left to the Fabrication Receiving room. "Yes, that was the flag of the Saderan Empire under Empress Pina Co Lada." Michael confirmed.

"Commandos, the Master said that the self-destruct sequence begin after you three acquired the Retractable Center Weapon." Shaun said to the RLF commandos, who entered the Fabrication Receiving room. "Copy. Men, eyes on the Research lab. That's where the RCW's at. That's our luck." Michael replied as the three walked past an incomplete C12 battle robot. They then stopped as they can hear voices in the next room. "Oxide to Disciple Six, you are to stop RefLib from breaching. They just already took out Phantom One, Sample Four, and Regime Two and Three. Disciple Nine will protect the scientists, but your orders are to eliminate the intruders with extreme prejudice." Oxide said to Disciple Six. "Roger, Oxide. We'll move in and take care of them." Disciple Six replied as they head for the Fabrication Receiving room and opened fire with the commandos. "They're here! Open fire!" Disciple Six Actual barked as his men engaged Michael and his team. "Foxtrot Element, sweep right! Charlie Element, scan around and sweep them!" Disciple Six Actual ordered as Foxtrot Element sweeps right and Charlie Element scanned around. However, two of Charlie Element's members were shot. "Two down! Two down!" One member of Charlie Element screamed while a member of Foxtrot Element was attacked by a Seeker, which blew up and killed three members of Foxtrot Element and injuring one. "Foxtrot Element's down! Oxide, Foxtrot Element's down!" Screamed Charlie Element Actual.

"Disciple Six, pull back. Disciple Nine got the scientists out, so pull back and drag any injured out now!" Ordered Oxide as Charlie Element dragged their injured teammates out. The three went into the Research room but were attacked by the remaining active members of Disciple Six, who're provided covering fire from a squad of SDF and UN Coast Guard soldiers. "Thanks for the cover, Regime One!" Said Disciple Six Actual as Regime One engaged the RLF intruders. An Anti-Gravity grenade thrown by Michael caught some of Regime One, who are then shot. The rest of Regime One attempted to put up a fight but were killed. "Disciple Six has pulled out, Oxide! I repeat: Disciple Six have pulled out! We're putting our wounded into the dropships!" Said Disciple Six Actual to Oxide as Michael's team turned left and stood in front of the door leading to where the RCW was. Using a blowtorch, they cut the shutters and went down towards the door where the Retractable Center Weapon's located.

"Jackpot! Shaun, prepare your droship. We're gonna bring this bad boy to the Master! This will put an end to the UN's war against them!" Michael said to Shaun while Johnson flipped and pressed the buttons, opening the door and bringing out the Retractable Center Weapon. "Shaun, we got jackpot. Initiate the self-destruct sequence." Johnson said. "Roger. Initiating sel-destruct sequence." Said Shaun, who then activates the self-destruct sequence. "Hey, William! You gotta try this!" Johnson said to Williams, who receives the F-SpAr Torch. "They just got this Mini-Retractable Center Weapons, so try it!" Said Johnson. "Oxide to Sundown One through Three, you are to stop those intruders from escaping with the F-SpAr! I repeat: do NOT let them get away with the F-SpAr!" Oxide said to Sundown One, Two, and Three, the former who became the first to get blown up by Williams, who used the F-SpAr Torch.

A C12 battle tank was brought in to stop the intruders, but Williams, using several F-SpAr Torches, eliminated the threat as the self-destruct sequence caused the facility to be damaged. "Come on! Shaun, where the hell are you!?" Asked Michael as the commandos moved with the RCW in tow. Sundown Two and Three were running away due to the self-destruct sequence as three more C12s appeared. "Michael, my dropship's being hit by the Aleksander! I REPEAT: THE ALEKSANDER IS-" Shaun screamed as communications between him and Michael were cut off. "Dammit! Johnson, fire the RCW!" Barked Michael, and Johnson pressed the button that caused the F-SpAr to fire, eliminating not just the three C12s and a few of Sundown Two and Three's soldiers, but also the airlock, causing the whole room to decompress and sucking out anyone and anything unlucky as the PA Announcer said that self-destruct has been stopped. "HOLD ON!" Michael screamed as he grabbed the gap of the former airlock before getting knocked out by Williams, who was thrown out and bodily hit Michael in the head.

Seconds earlier, a lowly SDF soldier, part of Tutor One, a one-man squad, exits the bathroom as he heard that the facility's going to self-destruct. Fortunately for him, the lowly SDF soldier went to the control room that was near the comfort room, due to the comforts rooms needing maintenance, and stops the self-destruct sequence. A few minutes later, the RLF commandos were already on the ice, waking up as they found out they no longer had oxygen. "Michael..." Said Johnson. "Yeah? Williams?" Asked Michael. "We need air." Replied Johnson. "Coming to ya." Michael said as he staggers before getting hit in the stomach and Williams in the face by two UNIPEF soldiers, who turned them to face the ice as someone in an SDF admiral's spacesuit, accompanied by two soldiers, approached them.

"Get him up. He needs air." This man, an old, half-bald Frenchman, said and kneels down as Michael was forced on his knees by the two escorting soldiers. The Frenchman attached a can of oxygen into Michael's helmet and said, "Catch your breath, soldier." Then, the lowly SDF soldier approached the Frenchman and said, "Admiral DuGalle. Gun is safe. Base is secured. Initiating patrol." The lowly SDF soldier said before leaving for a patrol in the facility. "How many did you come with?" Asked Admiral Gerard DuGalle. "We're it." Replied Michael. "What about the airship that we shot down?" Asked Admiral DuGalle. "To hell with you, Admiral." Replied Michael. "You care about the BETAs?" Again, DuGalle asked before continuing, "Blindness and confidence cloud judgement. That is why you cannot win. This plays..." DuGalle paused and looked at the icy landscape of Europe. "...isn't yours anymore." Then, DuGalle stood up and said, "Bring them to the brig." Admiral DuGalle then left for the Aleksander as the four soldiers took the captured RLF commandos to bring them to the Aleksander's brig.

Office of the Commander-in-Chief, UNIPEF
UNIPEF/ISAF Earth Administration Center
Yokosuka, Tokyo, Empire of Japan

"What do they mean by "Master," Admiral?" Asked Captain 1st Rank Michael Jordan, captain of the NCS/UNS Sovereign, an Atlas-class aerospacecraft carrier of the Novayan Commonwealth Navy. "Leader of Allegiance and the Refugee Liberation Front, aka Algae and RefLib. Intelligence began contacting. It's been 18 hours, no contact, RefLib and Algae's made no demands." Replied Borealis Mir Norsoutha-Tomoshima, 23-year-old Admiral of the Novayan Commonwealth Navy, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Novayan Commonwealth Armed Forces, Grand Marshall of the Novayan Commonwealth, and Commander-in-Chief of UNIPEF. Accompanying them were Admiral Frederick Raines, Novayan Ground Forces 1st Lieutenant Ryouko Kusakabe, Novayan Vice Admiral Ushanka Mosin Aleksandr Zoborov, Saderan Empress and Vice Admiral Pina Co Lada, Blue Mermaids Inspector First Class Mashimo Munetani, and Commander Mafuyu Munetani. "That facility is a black site, Grand Marshall. Why the hell where RefLib and Algae doing there in Europan airspace?" Captain 1st Rank Michael asked.

"The Master sent a team of three crack commandos to steal our Focused Spectral Array Cannon, or F-SpAr, capable of wiping out a ship and a skyscraper in seconds. "Hey, shouldn't we mass-produce them to wipe out the BETAs? I bet those aliens don't have the guts to stand up to our firepower!" Commander Mafuyu questioned while rising her fist in the air. "Do you want the UN to commit a weapons suicide? Algae and RefLib wants those weapons, so we'll decide whether to mass-produce them or not." Vice Admiral Ushanka responded. "But why the Algaes and RefLib wanted that weapon in the first place? Shouldn't we crack them down or something!?" Captain 1st Rank Michael asked. "One: it's a top-secret military weapon. If the weapon were to fall into enemy hands, we're already done. And two: we're going to do so, but things just went complicated recently." Answered Admiral Borealis.

"And that is, Admiral?" Asked Inspector 1st Class Mashimo. Borealis - wearing a close-collared SS officer uniform that had no puffs on the pants, no Nazi symbols, and has the shoulder strap insignia of an Admiral of the Imperial Russian Navy - walked towards the desk and said, "Do you know the things that complicated everything?" Then, he pressed something that caused the shutters to move away, revealing a fleet week parade going on. "THIS HAPPENED!" Added Borealis in a furious tone. "The Japanese and Americans started the darn fleet week parade and gathered all ships here! It's like asking for trouble there! Fortunately, the Blue Mermaids' ships aren't involved, but those darn nationalists included my personal flagship and carrier, the Atlas!" Admiral Borealis spoke in total anger. "Admiral, it's best you calm down lest you become drastic." Admiral Raines told the Novayan Grand Marshall. "Understood, but still, the fact that fleet week parade in Tokyo here would be disastrous. RefLib and Algae's totally wanting to take control of the AATIS guns and destroy the fleet while ground forces attack and eliminate the UNIPEF/ISAF chain of command. To me, the idea of a terrorist attack can trigger a fresh and unplanned urination." Admiral Borealis replied and nodded.

"So, we're just going to throw confettis with our barrels in the sand?" Asked Lieutenant Ryouko. "Yes, Ryouko." Admiral Borealis sat down on the desk and said, "Those nationalists need to stop being gigantic idiots before what they did would not go well." Then, a screen shows Admiral Salen Kotch, commander of the 8th Orbital Fleet, on board his flagship, the SDS Olympus Mons. "This is Admiral Salen Kotch of the Olympus Mons. Grand Marshall Borealis, the F-SpAr cannon has been installed onto the Olympus Mons. We'll be preparing to represent this supercarrier to the parade once repairs are complete." Admiral Kotch informed Admiral Borealis, who nodded and replied, "Roger that, Jon Snow. Now go and do you sword training thing." The transmission then ends and Admiral Borealis said, "You can go now, Captain 1st Rank." Captain 1st Rank Michael nodded and left the room. Outside the room were Lieutenants Nora Salter and Nick Reyes, Captain 3rd Rank Bradley Fillion, Sergeant Omar, Captain 1st Rank Ayane Tachibana, and E3N.

"What did the Admiral say?" Asked Lieutenant Reyes. "RefLib and Algae attempted to take the F-SpAr cannon, but were captured. The self-destruct sequence got cancelled thanks to a lowl SDF soldier who's near the control room when he's at the comfort room. Also the Americans and Japanese started the fleet week parade, even standing orders are to prevent the BETAs' advance." Replied Captain 1st Rank Michael. "Son of a bitch. This fleet sh...stuff is nonsense. We should be up in our Jackals, Wraiths, and Skelters flying watch." Lt. Salter remarked as the group walked down the hallway. "Admiral doesn't disagree." Captain 3rd Rank Bradley spoke. "Any captains know?" Asked E3N, aka Ethan. "Some. Counter Admiral Thea Kreutzer, Captain Akeno Misaki, Captain Moeka China, and Captain Daniel Alder knows." Captain 1st Rank Ayane answered.

"Come on, let's take the scenic route." Lt. Salter spoke as the group went into another hallway. "Peace to the fallen." Said Lt. Reyes as they walked past a marble wall that has the names of those fallen during the war. "Don't want to be part of that." Said Captain 3rd Rank Bradley as the walked towards the exit. Opening the doors, ships were moving past the UNIPEF planetary administration center. "Welcome to fleet week!" Said Lt. Salter as the group head to the right, moving past off-duty SDF, SATO, UNAF, UNIPEF/ISAF, and foreign military personnel. "Make room, guards." Said Ethan to two SDF soldiers, who let them pass and walk through the metal detection sensor before heading up the stairs.

"Hey, we should all get some relaxation. Have som R&R." Said Captain 1st Rank Ayane. "I totally agree with you, Ayane." Lt. Salter responded. "We can't do that. We're of the same ranks." Said a deadpanned Captain 1st Rank Michael as the group approached the Raven dropship. Captain 1st Rank Michael opened the door, revealing a robot similar in design to Ethan, but drinks vodka. Realism need not apply. "Comrades! Glad to see you all back from that meeting!" The robot said as the group gets on board. "Glad to see you drinking vodkas again, Sergei. You planning to watch Santa Clarita Diet?" Asked Ethan. "Da. I love how they do the details and the creavity!" Sergei replied.

"That's a first, I don't expect things to happen in our business." Said Captain 3rd Rank Bradley before Admiral Borealis, returning from the meeting with his fellow colleagues, joined by Lieutenant Yui Takamura. "Commander Yui joined us on the way back from the military administration center. "Anyways, Shiho said that the next tankery tournament will begin next week." Said Admiral Borealis. "The Nishizumi-ryu would only agree if the Antonia de Morales High Command Naval Academy participate in the tournament." Replied Shiho. "Can it, Shiporin. Anyways, let's head up to the destroyer Jerusalem. Gonna tell everyone to start fleet week parade and/or fleet day parade in different places." Said Admiral Borealis, referring to the Ellesian destroyer, whose ship type and classification were conventionally named after cities. Between the ENS Jerusalem is the NCS Harekaze and the NCS Admiral Graf Spee, a Novayan cruiser. "I hope the nautical training ships, the Atlas, and other important ships don't get blasted out of the sky." He added, unaware that one of the AATIS guns is tracking the dropship, and the other AATIS guns tracking every ships present in the parade. "Admiral?" Called out Ethan. "What is it, Ethan?" Asked Admiral Raines. "The AATIS guns. They appear to be tracking our fleets." Ethan answered as the AATIS guns started firing.

"INCOMING!" Screamed Shiho as the dropship missed the first shot... only to be hit by the second shot. "Pilot's down! Take over for him!" Barked Captain 1st Rank Michael as Lt. Salter and Reyes manned the cockpit and try to lift it. "Shots have been fired at the AATIS control center! I repeat: shots fired!" Someone screamed as one of the corvettes crashed into the waters. "All forces are to respond! This is NOT a drill! I repeat: this is NOT A DRILL!" Said Admiral Raines to allied forces present in the city. "Did you controlled this Raven's flight, Reyes!?" Captain 1st Rank Ayane asked. "No joy! We're going to crash!" Lt. Reyes replied as the dropship was about to crash-land at a nearby building. "HANG ON!" Admiral Borealis screamed as the dropship crash-lands.
Muv-Luv Alternative: Eternal Liberation - Ch. 1
Sorry for the longest paragraphs, volks, but I am a huge fan of paragraphs and a tiny fan of sentences, so go blame me for that. I was told by a friend to make two chapters within a week, which I considered it as a challenge and so I accepted it.

Unfortunately, I failed. So, I decided to post it here.

All of these stuffs belong to their respective owners.
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Also, the WannaCry ransomeware cyber-attacks affected my country, but it's a good thing the WannaCry ransomeware cyber-attacks only affected 230,000 computers in each nation. Glad my laptop and computer wasn't affected, cuz if it happens, I'll be forced to buy a new laptop or something. Both events proved to me that 2017 is the continuation of 2016.

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happy DA B-day :3 Happy Birthday Godliek :D Lily Wishing a Happy Birthday Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Birthday cake  icon KimRaiFan's Bday Cake 
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Happy Early-Birthday!
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Thank you for the favorite!!! :)
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found you on Rainbowspeeddash's page. I think that's the name. I think you were asking them about requests? I was wondering what kind if that's ok. 
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Link to Rainbowspeeddash's page?
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i was the Octavia Ghost piece if i recall Correctly. 
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Try visit me!
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thx for the fav  and happy new year!!!
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